BREAKING NEWS: Death Penalty for Fort Hood Shooter

Nidal Hasan has finally been convicted of a crime that everyone in the world already knew he was guilty of literally years after the fact.  He has now been sentenced to death by a jury.  Now, in the mockery that is our justice system, Hasan will now sit on Death Row for possibly decades, soaking up more taxpayer dollars to keep this thing alive so we can strut along with our politically-correct selves and think about how fair we are in America.

On the bright side, every once in a while, an American jury gets it right.  There has been much debate about whether giving Hasan the death penalty was just giving him what he really wanted…to be a martyr for his cause.  Well, at Common Sense Conspiracy, we want it to be known that it is the opinion of our staff that this jury absolutely did the right thing.  It’s not always about whether Hasan will get the last laugh.  Sometimes it simply resolves down to it being time for an evil blight to be stricken from this world.

If Nidal Hasan meets death feeling like he won, then that’s fine by us.  At least he won’t be playing the game anymore.  This evil piece of you-know-what will have been exterminated, like a disease or a bug, eradicated, so that, regardless of how he feels about the game, as the worms consume his flesh, he will not get to enjoy that “victory” for long.

The shame is not that he might get what he really wanted, but that we allowed him to make a mockery of our justice system for years.  Even in his representing himself, he got to spit on our court system, spit on our way of life, and spit on the rule of law.  Most importantly of all, he got to spit on the lives that he took and the families left behind.

So, Nidal…hell is waiting!  What a happy day this must be for you!  Checkmate, Hasan.