Boys in the Girls Room? California Passes Landmark Law to Allow Transgender Individuals Access to Facilities of Their Choosing

You could say this law that the governor of California signed today really opens doors for transgender individuals in the state…specifically, restroom doors.  Assembly Bill 1266 is the first of its kind in America.  It allows individuals that identify themselves as transgender the ability to conduct their day-to-day activities in schools and public places according to their own personal gender identity.  To put this in simpler terms for the average American, if you are a boy that thinks you are a girl, you can now use the girl’s restroom and locker rooms, despite the pesky problem that you still have a penis.

Even the little things aren't simple anymore...
Even the little things aren’t simple anymore…

The reason for the law revolves around bullying.  Bullying is the new black, we guess you could say.  Lawmakers felt that transgender individuals were more likely to be bullied when using the restroom in the gender of their actual physical makeup than using the one which they identify with.  Sounds reasonable to us.  It’s a pretty safe bet that if you are a boy that identifies as a girl, you might get your a*$ whipped in the boys restroom.  So, we can see that.  The problem, as you might imagine, comes when what is still a boy whipping it out in the girls room offends some little girl’s mother and father, and then we have controversy.  So, we put it to our readers, as always.  Do you think that restrooms and facilities should be decided by physical attributes, or by which gender your child identifies themselves as, regardless of what particular form of genitalia they happen to be carrying around with them?  Will it stop bullying?  Will it make the world a better place?  And do the non-transgender individuals (otherwise known as normal children) have any rights in this matter?

There is no word right now on whether California will install urinals in all public women’s restrooms.  Sometimes it’s not even about identity, sexual orientation, or social stresses.  Sometimes it can just be about the equipment.
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