Benghazi Bombshell?? CNN, Tell Us Something We Don’t Already Know!

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we got tired of the Benghazi scandal the very same week it happened.  We were in the height of the presidential election.  Mitt Romney had just had his one glowing moment of the whole election, wiping the floor with Barack Obama at their opening debate.  The heat was turned up, at least for a minute or two.  Then, Benghazi happened.  We witnessed the most obvious and completely predictable cover-up of all time.  We weren’t surprised at all.  We said it back then.  It’s a presidential election.  The sitting president has the advantage in this case.  He has the weapons on his side to make this thing go away.  So that’s what they did.

At least the Fake CNN Twitter gets points for being mildly entertaining.
At least the Fake CNN Twitter gets points for being mildly entertaining.

It’s nothing new.  It’s happened tons of times in the past.  What it boils down to is that when it does come to light, the president either has enough rapport with the public to float it on by, as it was in this case, or it all comes crashing down.  President Obama has endured some pretty nasty scandals in his first year of his second term but has proven to be untouchable thus far.  Good for him.

Now, CNN has released a special report that they are calling a “Benghazi bombshell.”  We say “Big whoop!”  Was there anyone out there that didn’t already know this?  We certainly did here at the CSC.  Of course the CIA was in on a cover-up.  Of course they are making damn sure no one tells what really happened.  They are giving them polygraphs to make sure they aren’t talking?  You don’t say!

The only thing remarkable about CNN’s bombshell is that they are actually reporting something that might be viewed as unfavorable for President Obama.  After that, it’s about as remarkable as the weather report on a sunny day in Kansas.  In our opinion, CNN is so desperate to be relevant in news again that they are now reporting stories and claiming glory about news that the general public already at least assumes to be true.  I mean, if the NSA counts how many turds you dropped on your last trip to the bathroom, wouldn’t you assume that the CIA probably keeps up with its agents pretty well?

Benghazi was a very obvious conspiracy.  This we can see and know.  It is all but been proven, and it will go down as one of those JFK-like events where everyone goes “Yep, something happened.”  Like we’ve said before, there was a lot at stake.  Right or wrong, President Obama and his advisors chose to duck and cover and lie and deny until it goes away.  That’s what presidents do.  We would have been terribly surprised if Obama released a stunning report of his administration’s own inadequacies just a couple of weeks before his reelection campaign ended.  Now that would have been remarkable.

It’s okay, CNN.  We believe you.  Next time you want to claim a bombshell, though, be prepared to tell us something we don’t already know.