Zimmerman Walks, Paula Talks — Aunt Jemima Costumes and Race Wars?

Yes, Paula Deen is under fire once again.  We all remember last month’s drama when Paula admitted to using everyone’s favorite racial epithet in court and all of the backlash that came with it.  Well, now one of her former employees is accusing her of asking her and other African American employees to “dress up like Aunt Jemima.”  You know, the lady on the syrup bottle.  Is it possible to be more racist than racist?  I guess that’s what we’re going to find out with Paula.  At Common Sense Conspiracy, we’ve already delved into the controversy, even going back all the way to President Lyndon Johnson’s spirited use of the same word in the White House decades ago.  Now, we are noticing a trend here.  Let’s back it up a minute.

Hold on a minute!  Is it still racist if white people do it?  Oh these pesky rules of racial rhetoric!
Hold on a minute! Is it still racist if white people do it? Oh these pesky rules of racial rhetoric!

Racism never died.  We know this.  I don’t think any American (African or Caucasian) was sitting around thinking that racism had been eradicated.  However, no matter how badly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson might rue this fact, the truth is, it has gotten a whole lot better.  And by a whole lot better, we mean leaps and bounds.  We mean astronomical units.  Go back 150 years, well, you got slavery.  Go back 50 years you got civil rights issues and hatred.  Go back 20 years…well, you get the point.  In a historically relatively small amount of time, we have come a long way.  And no matter how many people are lined up on both sides of that fence (and when we say that, we mean blacks and whites) to throw in our faces that racism is alive… it is, but it is better.  It’s alive, but it’s not an epidemic as it once was before.

There, we got it off our chest.  It’s true.  Racism is a terrible thing.  It still exists in the United States and all over the world.  It exists on all sides of the issue.  It is not limited to one race.  Whites and blacks are racists.  It happens all the time.  But…for the hundredth time now…it’s better.

It’s better.  But there seems to be someone out there that can’t stand it.

Who would actually have a problem with the racial divide being smaller than ever?

Look no further than your federal government, the media, and a social movement to come that we talk about here all the time.

Think about it.  There was hardly any hardcore racist news…then we have Zimmerman, a man that the media worked overtime to make sure he would become a full-fledged Ku Klux Klan Chapter President.  We have Paula Deen and this controversy.  All of a sudden, everyone’s pontificating about how racism is still a HUGE problem and we have to do this and we have to do that.  People are mad.  They’re protesting, marching, rioting in the streets.  Why?  Because someone decided that it was time for America to have a blast from the past.  Let that hatred shine, America!  It’s time to stop holding down homosexuals and remember that we all really hate each other too.

So, it seems that Al Sharpton and company are wearing their jets out flying to the scene of the next racism breeding ground.  If there isn’t a problem, by God, they will make one.  President Obama is supposed to be the unifier of our nation, but even his comments only forced Americans to pick one side or the other.

images-116So, what is the reason?  Is the media, government, and who knows who else working together in a massive conspiracy to incite tension in race relations all over again?  And what is their ultimate goal?  Is America heading for a government-sanctioned race war?

Will we have martial law to stop the hate?  Hmm…sounds like an interesting possibility.  Remember, they famously tested it out in Boston just a few weeks back.  Everything is in order.

Watch the news.  There will be more.  These two incidents are probably the biggest movers and shakers, but watch.  The mainstream media is pushing an agenda.  There will be more.