Will the Zimmerman Verdict Cause a Riot? Or Is It an Excuse to Riot?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Within an hour of the publication of this article, it was revealed that Zimmerman was indeed found not guilty of all charges.  So, that part of the speculation in the article has now been decided.

A lot of people are on edge this weekend in Florida and other places as the jury is now well into its deliberations in the trial regarding George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  After what many have viewed as a lackluster performance by the prosecution in the case, a lot of pundits believe that Zimmerman has a reasonable chance of walking away from this thing.  However, one of the defense’s biggest concerns right now is that the jury seems to be interested in the secondary charge of manslaughter.  The jury requested “further clarification” on manslaughter from the judge earlier today after deliberating for hours.

In case you have forgotten, the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict were no joke.
In case you have forgotten, the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict were no joke.

Some believe the all-female jury might understand the ramifications of a complete exoneration of Zimmerman and might feel that a manslaughter finding might be an adequate enough compromise to appease both sides.  That may be the case, but for this article, we are addressing what might happen if Zimmerman is found 100% not guilty, a full acquittal.

Around the water cooler, if you will, we were speaking with a friend of the CSC that is African American, and we asked him what he thought about the possibility of Zimmerman getting off.  Now, as we recount his answer, remember…he was joking.  We know that, he knows that.  It was a joke, it was in jest.  However, we are telling you this story because it does bring up a riveting question that we had never considered with situations like this.  Our friend said that he hopes Zimmerman walks…not because of justice for Trayvon, but because that means riots and he could position himself for excellent looting prospects in the aftermath.

Once again, he was joking, and everyone knew it.

But how many people are not joking tonight.

It’s a fair question.  If people do riot in response to the Zimmerman verdict, how many people are rioting because they have a problem with the verdict and how many are rioting because this is the moment they’ve been waiting for?  Is rioting something to look forward to?  Is there something to be gained here for some parties?

So, what do you think?  Is rioting an effective way to send a message when you have a problem with a government or judicial decision?  Perhaps for some, it is considered to be.  How many people are just taking advantage?

If you think this question is not fair to ask, then explain why looting happens in times of disaster?  What is the message that is being sent then?  The existence of it proves that some people are opportunists and take advantage of the circumstances to benefit themselves.