White House Down Flops — White America Mad at Jamie Foxx for Racist SNL Rant?

Well, a cruise around the Internet has plenty of white people commenting on articles about Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum’s new movie White House Down flopping being attributed to people being upset and angry at Foxx for some of his allegedly racially-motivated comments earlier in this year and part of last year.  It all started when Jamie referred to President Barack Obama as “lord and savior” and then followed by a comedy monologue on Saturday Night Live to support his movie with infamous Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained.  In this monologue, Jamie said that it was great that in the movie he ended up getting to kill all of the white people.  Now, some say he was joking, what’s the big deal?  Some say he’s as racist as Paula Deen?  Others say, oh if a white guy had said something like that, blah blah blah…it goes on and on.  Below we have two counterpoints on the issue.  The first video is first because it actually shows pieces of the monologue, so do watch it in that order.  In that video the guy reviewing the “rant” points out some of the things we at Common Sense Conspiracy believe in…basically, it’s a monologue, it’s joking, it’s not real.  We thought the monologue was funny, black or white, and not offensive.  We do see the second speaker’s point, however.  If Bruce Willis had said that he enjoyed a movie because he got to kill all the black people at the end, it would have been a totally different story.

So what do you think?  We’ve expressed our opinion, but as always, we try to let you see all sides of the issue.  We think a degree of common sense (what a catchy slogan idea?) goes a long way here, as referenced in the first video.  However, could it be that many white Americans feel the way the obvious Republican in the second video does?  Let us hear your commentary.

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One thought on “White House Down Flops — White America Mad at Jamie Foxx for Racist SNL Rant?”

  1. Sony Pictures Entertainment executives should all wear a hoodie backwards, hands chained behind their backs, and walk down Washington Blvd for a flogging by their employees and stockholders for allowing this liberal piece of junk movie to move forward thus furthering stock price devaluation of Sony Corporation. When will knucklehead movie executives begin to realize that 50% of the paying audience will not ever spend anopther penny on Jamie Foxx because he is a liberal loud mouthed racist douchebag turd?

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