Was George Zimmerman Actually a Gay Rapist? Prosecution Witness Suggests It’s Possible

It may seem like a desperate attempt for someone to find a way to shift the potential bigotry of now infamous neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman to his victim, Trayvon Martin.  However, it came from the prosecution witness, so it’s hard to go there on this one.  Could it be that Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were embroiled in some kind of double-bigot racist/rapist stereotyping profiling…oh you get the point?   Yes, it turns out that when Trayvon was telling his friend that a “creepy a*$ cracker” was following him, the idea was put in his head by her that Zimmerman might be one of those crazy raping homosexuals we all hear about on the loose on the streets.  So, then he attacked Zimmerman, because he was afraid that Zimmerman was going to gay rape him.  Then, Zimmerman, who profiled him, only following him because he was black, but not actually harboring homosexual rape tendencies then shot him in self-defense.  So, in recap, according to this new arising theory, Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin after profiling him and then being attacked by Travyon because he then in turn profiled Zimmerman.

How far do you want to go with this one?  Rapists!  Racists!  It’s only one letter difference people!

Profiling…wrong on so many levels…