Video from 4th of July DUI Checkpoint Shows How Freedom and Liberty Have Been Suspended in America

What better a day than the 4th of July to demonstrate to an American citizen that their Constitutional rights are rubbish and that the police have every right to do whatever they like at any time, including being completely disrespectful, abusive, and overstepping their powers.  This video shows a young man that was so innocent of anything that even after trying every trick in their wiping-their-a*$-with-the-Constitution book, they still could find nothing wrong and had to let him go.  Score one for the little people, eh?  If after they completely violate your rights and harass you, it turns out you are not guilty of anything, they still have to let you go.  We’re only a hop, skip, and a jump away from that last part changing too.  What do you think?  How messed up is this one?