Toronto Police Shoot 18-Year-Old Kid On Streetcar

Toronto police don’t play around when it comes to public transportation. The only problem is that in this age of YouTube, social media, and the Internet, someone with a video camera is never too far away. That represents a small problem when you decide to off an eighteen year old kid on the Streetcar.  The mainstream media will not report this so lucky for you Common Sense Conspiracy is here to show you this.
WARNING:  This video could be considered graphic material.   You have been warned.

One thought on “Toronto Police Shoot 18-Year-Old Kid On Streetcar”

  1. It might be nice to at least give a bit of detail or background on that.

    We have no way of knowing whether this guy was armed, threatening people, or ….. ??

    As it is, we have absolutely no way to judge what happened here, or who — if anyone — was wrong.

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