The Worldwide Mysterious Hum — What Causes It and Is This Something New?

Even the mainstream media has succumbed to the point of launching news stories about the mysterious humming sound that has been popping up and irritating residents all over the world.  The story is pretty much the same at each location.  The hum is almost like radio noise and it keeps some residents up at night.  In New Zealand, hundreds of reports flooded into emergency call boards in just a few hours.  So, with the hum now being reported in every continent on the Earth except Antarctica, we want to take a moment to talk about the hum.  But first, we’ll let you get up to date with this video from Mary Greeley that does a good job of outlining where we’re at with this so far.  More from us after the break…

So, you’re probably here at Common Sense Conspiracy looking for answers, and rightfully so. Well, we want to point out a few things that are not being mentioned by people that are quickly spreading this story. First of all, the mysterious hum might have just now garnered the Internet and mainstream media’s full attention, but it is not new. A quick cursory Internet investigation will show that the phenomenon has been recorded for years. It was always at completely different locations across the world, as well. Now, the reports are certainly becoming more common currently, but that tends to happen when word-of-mouth and social media get involved. All of a sudden a lot more people are “hearing” the mysterious hum whether it is really there or not.
So, are we calling this a hoax? Not exactly. We believe that certainly some of the accounts bear credibility, and the incident in New Zealand seems like it would have been quite an elaborate hoax if it is not authentic. However, we are simply pointing out that the sheer quantity of these claims and videos popping on the Internet by the minute today are probably not all authentic.
If you think back to last year, we had a similar Internet frenzy with the mysterious sounds. Trumpets. Chariots. You name it. It was happening all over and it caused an Internet phenomenon. Hell, we still get hits each and every day over the last “mysterious sounds worldwide” craze. In the end, though, 90% of all the reports of that incident ended up being hoaxes. People borrowed the sounds or footage and made a new video. People said they were in one place when they were nowhere near that place. Much like this situation, it was never definitively proven that no one really was hearing the sounds, but it was totally proven that many reports were hoaxes. Eventually, we found that it had a whole lot to do with a publicity stunt from a video game company more than anything else.
So, we want to hear your stories. Have you witnessed the mysterious hum? What do you think it could be? A couple of theories we are analyzing revolve around an especially active solar cycle this year. Could that and other electromagnetic elements be causing the hum? Also, if anyone has any good footage that we can trust, we would certainly like to air it here for our readers.

4 thoughts on “The Worldwide Mysterious Hum — What Causes It and Is This Something New?”

  1. I watched a ton of you tube videos of people in their pajamas outside at 3am freaked out recording these sounds, the guy also showed this arm hairs that were sticking straight up. It was no hoax. They said it sounded like it was coming from underground but couldn’t tell. Or maybe a transformer went down, which the next day they found out didnt happen. The first thing I thought of was HARRP. anyone else?

  2. i hear and feel the hum. if you take a long stem wine glass filled with water and put it on a table when the hum is active you can see the water vibrate in the glass at the same rythym as the hum pulsates. it is real. not mass hysteria and not tinitus.

  3. I am a Hum sufferer since July 2012. Its an external sound for sure! Block your hearing & you dont hear it! Its not Tinnitus. I am currently hearing it now. I have went through some serious bouts of hearing the Hum. The worst bout was in April 2013 and for 13 days straight day and night it Hummed loudly and I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night. By 13 days I was a broken man. I am from Ireland. I hear it in different counties both rural and in the suburbs and sometimes outside.

  4. I am living in a studio flat in Sutton Surrey UK, I have been hearing this ” HUM” since 10/2010 i thought it was residents living above me then realised it was not, i thought it was the power supply connected to railway tracks accross the road from me but it was not…
    There was a break May2013 / september2013 now it has come back with vengence, much louder less droney and pulsating but very annoying…
    I sleep with my tower fan on it really helps me to sleep, i feel sorry for those who are suffering and hope one day soon there is a solution…..

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