The Batchelor and The Batchelorette — No Reality in These Reality Shows

Okay, in between working hard to keep you informed about the New World Order, the sinister movements of the Illuminati, and countless government conspiracies threatening your liberties, sometimes we at Common Sense Conspiracy like to take a step back, let our hair down so to speak, and talk about some conspiracies that aren’t quite so heavy-handed with worldwide implications.  Or are they?  Tonight, we want to ask a simple question:  why do reality shows work so hard to hide reality from us?  And do people really have a problem with seeing the real thing?

Is this really a "realistic" sampling of the American population?
Is this really a “realistic” sampling of the American population?

Enter The Batchelor and The Batchelorette.  These two long-running “reality” shows have been very popular and financially successful.  You probably know the premise of the show unless you lived in a cave with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan all this time (and might still be, depending on just how big of a conspiracy theorist you might be).  But is there anything realistic about these shows?  We all realize by now that the show is essentially scripted to create drama, the right commercial breaks, and may even be fixed to a point.  But that’s not what we even are talking about.  If you want to slant the show that way for marketing, we can at least wrap our minds around that.  But why do the very contestants have to be so unrealistic?

Is America so full of itself that we can’t watch everyday normal people compete on a show like this?

If you look at some of the photographs we’ve included here from previous seasons of these shows, it’s easy to see that the crew of both guys and gals they have assembled are probably not representative of what you see wandering through your local park or shopping mall on a day-to-day basis.  As a matter of fact, it look like they have actually put together a bunch of head shots from the local “Future Models of America” chapter.  Really?  This is picked fairly and realistically.  They just hold a tryout and this is what shows up.

Is this the scene down at the local Dollar General?
Is this the scene down at the local Dollar General?

Where’s Joe the Plummer in this crowd?  Where’s everyman and everywoman?  Hollywood has changed in recent years; the people are not all glitz and glamour like they used to be in years past.  The more realistic, natural look appears to be in more and more often, but these so-called “reality shows” seem to have missed the boat on this one.  If you think Americans don’t want to watch some average looking people competing on a show like this, you need to just look to talent competition-based shows like American Idol and The Voice.  One of the main reasons people flock to shows like this is to see average people do extraordinary things.  Why would this not extend to The Batchelor as well?

Why can’t we see a construction worker vying for the love of an all-American waitress from the local diner?  Why can’t we see a checkout girl from the local grocer going after the newest Batchelor, a truck driver with a GED?  It’s always rich and gorgeous people getting to do all of these fancy things that is probably not that extraordinary to them (being that a lot of them are well-to-do to put it mildly).  Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch more ordinary people compete on these shows, the kind of people that would be more impressed with just having a hot tub to get take a dip in than even starting to worry about what everyone else is doing?

Bring on the reality.  Whoever develops the Ordinary Joe teleplay, please remember us at Common Sense Conspiracy when you come into your kingdom.