Saudi National Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombings Visits White House Party for Military Families?

Remember our report about after the Boston Marathon Bombings, Michelle Obama visited a Saudi national in the hospital who was originally fingered as a “person of interest” in the aftermath of the attacks?  Well, a lot of people were intrigued by our First Lady visiting Abdul Rahman Ali Aharbi, and the conspiracy theories were blazing.  We took a somewhat critical approach to that at first.  After all, the First Lady didn’t visit this guy specifically.  She was visiting victims in the hospital, and this guy was one of them at the time.  Whether or not she knew his status as a suspect or just was being supportive of everyone that she could is something we couldn’t possibly uncover.  However, this latest news does make us wonder if we might have did the wrong thing when we at least halfway defended her.

It is now being passed around the Internet that Aharbi has been spotted at the White House during their July 4th party for military heroes and their families.  The source of a lot of this is actually from Arabic sites.  It seems that they are as put off by the idea of this fellow turning up at the White House as we are.  Anyway, what do you think?  We’ve posted a photograph below from the White House party and then the picture of Aharbi from the hospital.  Do you think these are one and the same?  And what possible reason could Aharbi have for turning up in close proximity to the First Lady and our President once again?




Personally, we don’t really see the resemblance, but it seems there a lot of people out there that do.  What do you think?