Royal Baby Imminent? Reptilian Birth?

One topic we don’t address very often here on Common Sense Conspiracy is reptilians. If you are a conspiracy buff, you know what that is. If not, we’ll explain short and succinctly. There is a school of thought that the British Royal Family are actually shapeshifting reptile-based (hence the name) aliens from another planet (or solar system and galaxy for that matter), and they carry out their lofty positions in the affairs of planet Earth with the intention of keeping that fact very, very secret. In fact, it is not just limited to the Royal Family, although when you hear about reptilian conspiracy theory in general, they are the one that will be figured more prominently. Even President Barack Obama has some that believe he has, well, reptilian tendencies, and it is not limited to politicians. Even Oprah Winfrey of all people has been accused of being a shapeshifting alien.
So with a royal baby literally around the corner any minute now, we feel that we just can’t be a conspiracy site without at least acknowledging those out there that believe that this is a sham because Kate Middleton and the Prince are actually space aliens. Therefore, the Royal Baby must either be another reptilian or a completely doctored conspiracy. Then there is another school of thought that Kate Middleton is not a reptilian but her husband is, meaning that the Royal Baby is some sort of human/reptilian crossbreed.
Oh the possibilities… Below, we present one parody video of the whole situation from The Man…and one that seriously delves into reptilian theory. Whichever one matches your fancy, we’re ready for the debate to open. Is the Royal Baby a reptilian? Half-reptilian? Not even their baby? It’s confusing, and fascinating. Chime in below…

2 thoughts on “Royal Baby Imminent? Reptilian Birth?”

  1. Is this an offshoot of the Scientology beliefs? I’d guess the Royal Family would have come first, but it does sound like Scientology borrowed a bit here.

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