Now That’s Reality Television: Big Brother Packs the Homophobia and Racism Into Nice Clean Package

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t like reality shows.  We’ve gone over this for years in various situations.  One of our biggest beefs with the medium is that it’s really not reality at all.  The shows are scripted, and people have learned to create controversy as a means of being successful on the gimmicky shows.  So, basically, no matter how the medium started out, it has been so corrupted that to label it a “reality show” is just ridiculous in its own right.  But we have to point out that Big Brother seems to have brought some reality to “reality shows” at last.

Embrace the hate!
Embrace the hate!

Aaryn Gries is a 22-year-old featured on the show.  If you don’t know (and you’re probably better off if you don’t), the show involves putting together a bunch of houseguests from different walks of life together in one house for months and sealing them off from the world.  Supposedly it is all recorded 24/7 and then the shows are pieced together.  Anyone that has any common sense knows that this isn’t true and the producers work overtime to make sure there is enough drama and controversy to keep the show popular and ratings good.  Anyway, the point is to survive “evictions” and be the last man/woman standing at the end of the season.

What goes to the major airwaves is watered down, censored, of course, but CBS has a special live feed feature online where people can watch what is going on behind the scenes.  That’s where viewers gotta dose of a real reality show.  Ms. Gries let loose on her fellow houseguests with some good, ole fashioned Texas-homebrewed homophobia and racism.  And we love it!  Not because we agree with what she said or condone it.  But because, hey, at least it’s reality.  Now, CBS is scrambling to “apologize” for what someone said on a show that is supposed to be showing what they do uncut and unedited.  Gotta smile at the irony, right?

Gries was pretty equal opportunity in her offensive comments.  She said an Asian American houseguest should “shut up and go make some rice.”  She also said she was the only Asian she knew that didn’t do nails.  She called a gay fellow a “queer.”  She called out a couple of African American contestants for sticking together because of the “black thing.”  She also said that one of the black contestants would be really heard to see in the dark.  Of course, she called her a b**tch in the middle of the random racial comment.

It might be terrible.  It might be bigotry at its finest.

But hey…at least its real.  Finally, a reality show actually has a real moment.

The comments did get Aaryn dropped from a modeling contract so far.  As fitting as it would have been, considering the situation, the modeling agency did not make any mention of Aaryn being a “dumb blonde.”