New Kind of Whistleblower? Golden Corral Employee Reveals Disgusting Practice to Avoid Health Department Sanctions

Move over Ed Snowden.  You are not the only whistleblower in town.  Brandon Huber is an employee of a Golden Corral restaurant in Port Orange, Florida.  When asked by his management to take some raw meat racks out by the dumpsters because the health department was inspecting the restaurant, Huber decided to film a video expressing his discontent with his company’s disgusting practices.  Apparently, the meat was transported outside temporarily to avoid scrutiny from the inspector.  Then, after the inspection was done, the meat, stored near a garbage dumpster where, I don’t know, probably tons of insects and other creatures love the smell of raw meat, would be transported back inside for the residents of Port Orange latest culinary delight.

We understand that Huber has fled to Russia.  No word on whether President Obama will seek extradition.