More Bad News for Pepsi — Carcinogens in Caramel Coloring

Still struggling to convince people that it does not use aborted baby fetuses in its products (see Stem Cells Gone Wild), Pepsi has now been hit with another crisis.  It turns out that an environmental group running tests on Pepsi has found that it still has too much of a level of a carcinogen it had supposedly tried to phase out of its formula.  While Pepsi is the one getting the finger pointing right now, its arch-rival Coca Cola was under the same gun.

Will Pepsi and Coke be the new Big Tobacco?
Will Pepsi and Coke be the new Big Tobacco?

It all began when California passed a law saying that soft drinks must have a cancer warning level if known carcinogens were used in their production.  It turns out that one of the chemicals helps give both of the popular drinks their trademark caramel-ish dark color, 4-methylimidazole, was still present in “worrisome” amounts in Pepsi.  Coke passed the test this time.  More notably, the report pointed out that Pepsi’s products within the state of California passed the test.  Meaning, obviously, that Pepsi only took out the carcinogen where absolutely forced to by law.  Way to go guys.

Despite all of the hoopla, the FDA has said that a consumer would have drink 1,000 cans or more of soda a day in order to get enough 4-Mel to reach doses associated with cancer.  So, like most things, it depends on who you believe in a triangle of people with different agendas.  Who do you pick?  An environmental watchdog?  The FDA, a government agency?  Or two manufacturers of products that make untold billions making Americans fat and lazy, even if they don’t give them cancer?

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