Lone Ranger Flop? Another Desperate Plea to Hollywood — Bring Back Creativity!

Last year about this time, we addressed this same issue.  Perhaps you read our article “Has the Hollywood Well Run Dry?”  It even had a great poll question at the end that our readers overwhelmingly agreed with our stance.  This came in blockbuster season when we were first hit with the Snow White adaptation featuring that Twilight girl and then there came the silly announcement from movie studios that the RoboCop series was getting a reboot and Samuel L. Jackson was set to star in the new line of films.  Well, folks, it’s a year later, and nothing has changed.  Creativity in Hollywood is dead, so we decided we had no choice but to dredge up this topic once more.

White House Down?  Olympus Has Fallen?  Virtually the same film released within a few weeks.  Flops.  Man of Steel has a great run in the box office, but against paltry competition.  Really?  Yet another comic book superhero movie, and not even a new one, but a reboot of one that was already made just a few years back?  This coming off the heels of Iron Man 3, the only other real runaway hit that is yet another comic book superhero movie.   Now, they let Johnny Depp demoralize The Lone Ranger.  Flop!  What is the world coming to when Johnny Depp can’t play dress-up for ten million bucks or so and carry a movie on his shoulders to profitability?  What do all of these movies have in common?  Easy.  They are all completely, totally devoid of real creativity.

Maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board...for good!
Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board…for good!

As we addressed in our article last year, the reality is that Hollywood is obsessed with making a lot of money for sure, so much in fact, that they now are so taken with staying in the lakes and rivers they are used to that it makes it almost impossible for anyone out there with new creative talent and ideas to break in.  That’s where they are at as an industry.  There are screenwriters and directors out there right now that probably have wonderful new ideas that will either be boxed out of the industry because their ideas aren’t “proven box office successes,” or, worse, they will have to waste their talent writing The Amazing Spiderman Part 16 just to get their foot in the door.  What a shame it is what Hollywood has become.

So, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are back making the same plea as last year…bring back creativity!  Give us some real ideas!  Open the flood gates of creative writers everywhere that need a break and stop trying to reboot yet another comic book movie or adapting something from television from decades ago because you think a certain demographic will show up and give you their hard-earned money.  People still go to movies, not because it’s worth it, but because they still believe in the magic.  Give them what they want before they rise up and all the summer blockbusters go the way of The Lone Ranger.

One thought on “Lone Ranger Flop? Another Desperate Plea to Hollywood — Bring Back Creativity!”

  1. I say Just stop supporting the New World Order propaganda pushing HollyWeird B.S. Let them die. Nothing good comes out of these movies except brainwashing the already dumbed down public, and ruining some of the people’s lives who get into the business thinking that it will be a great job or career, then later on when some of them wake up, they decide that they no longer want to support the agendas/propaganda that HollyWeird is pushing so they try to leave the business and/or speak out, then they are silenced one way or another. i.e. Micheal Jackson, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Heath Ledger etc, etc…. P.S. The same thing goes for the Music Industry as well which is controlled by the same “Zionist Tribe”

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