International Arrest Warrants Issued for George W. Bush, Barack Obama for War Crimes

Russia Today is reporting that international arrest warrants have been issued for former United States President George W. Bush as well as current United States President Barack Obama by a War Crimes Tribunal in the Netherlands.  This is not the first time we’ve heard a story like this about W, but it is the first time Obama has turned up in such talk.  Surprising, since he did receive a Nobel Peace Prize for all of his positive works in the world…before he actually did anything.  Anyway, we are currently investigating this Hague tribunal and what actual level of authority they have and what it means for two of the United States’ living presidents, if anything at all.  Our gut reaction would be that while this makes an exciting story, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Obviously, the American military and Secret Service will not be allowing anyone to arrest either of these men, but we are going to find out more about their credentials to push forward such an agenda.  Here is Russia Today’s report from this morning about the situation.  As you might imagine, this has not been reported in the mainstream media, despite the fact that one would think it would be breaking news on any provider.

As an additional side note, a lot is made by members of the political parties in the United States about one news organization being dedicated to one side or the other.  It is often insinuated that Fox News leans toward the Republican side, while CNN and others lean toward the Democratic side.  We have always held that it all works together to give Americans the illusion of choice in what is really a one-party political system and agenda.  Situations like this prove our case for us; if Fox News leaned Republican, why would they not be all over an arrest warrant issued for Barack Obama for war crimes?

Mum’s the word, though.  The mainstream media, regardless of political party affiliation is still subject to 100% control by the powers-that-be.  Let this be a lesson to you.

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  1. Also remember there were arrest warrants for Neo-Cons Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld in 2010!

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