Give Us Your Guns — Chicago Police Begin Massive Gun Confiscation Over FOID Cards

The first thing you will hear out of gun control supporters is that “oh, no one wants to take your guns if you own them legally.” And certainly no one is going to go door-to-door in a major city taking guns from citizens. Well, in Chicago, there is a massive movement to do just that.

It revolves around FOID cards. It stands for Firearms Owners ID. Now, listen up to this part. To legally own a gun in Chicago, you must have a valid FOID. They last for 10 years and then they have to be renewed, or your guns become instantly illegal. Now, a lot of people talk about opposing the concept of a national gun registry for this very situation. The FOID makes your gun legal, but if you mess around and forget to renew it, not only does it technically make it illegal at that moment, but it actually goes a step further. Chicago police are going door-to-door taking guns because of revoked FOID’s. The massive sweep revolves around the fact that Chicago police know there are over 3,000 people whose FOID’s have been revoked. They are assuming that these once legal gun owners have not decided to get rid of their firearms, but continue to possess them in violation of the law. So, they are going to get them.

So, if you are not the type that would normally have a problem with gun control in general, you may be saying “What’s the big deal?” Get your license revoked, you lose your gun. It’s your fault in the end, right? We say there’s quite a few reasons to be concerned. First of all, like all of the gun legislation coming down the Washington pipeline these days, it only affects legal gun owners. Ok, well technically they are not legal gun owners anymore when their FOID expires, but let’s face the facts here. How many people that are using guns with criminal or violent intentions bother to acquire their guns legally and then go register for a FOID? Probably not very many. Probably none, except those that acquire a gun for more noble reasons and then find themselves pulled into committing a crime in the heat of the moment. Most probably acquire a gun illegally from the beginning, and therefore would never do themselves the disservice of getting an FOID, which would probably immediately result in their incarceration. So, Chicago police are sweeping the streets to get guns from people that just don’t have a very high likelihood of committing violent crimes with them. Also, they are not being given a warning, a letter in the mail, or even a public service announcement (hell, even the mainstream media isn’t covering this because they don’t report things that might go against the government and President Obama’s current agenda), but just a rude knock on the door and a choice to give up the guns or go straight to jail. What’s more, if they don’t have the gun anymore and they really did just decide to give up their guns, do you think the cops believe them when they tell them that? Then we have the possibility of unwarranted searches…well, you see…it just goes from there.

So, if you are hanging out in Chicago and you own a gun, better pull out your FOID and make sure it’s still good. Otherwise, you might be either losing your gun or your freedom. Then again, I guess in a way you are losing both.


5 thoughts on “Give Us Your Guns — Chicago Police Begin Massive Gun Confiscation Over FOID Cards”

  1. There is a difference between revoked and expired. The card is revoked for committing a felony or violent misdemeanor, being diagnosed with certain mental illnesses, or having an order of protection against you. None of those reasons should bring one to the conclusion of law abiding citizens losing their guns.

    1. Also the main stream media is reporting on all of this. You can find an article in the Sun Times and on Fox News.

  2. Hmmm

    The right to bear arms is just that a right. The government does NOT have the authority under the Constitution to change that right into a privilege requiring an “ID” to own a fire arm. This is wrong on so many levels in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. Let me quote the 2nd amendment. I don’t want to hear about laws passed because if they violate the Constitution as this “ID” clearly does then they are null and void and non binding on the citizens. here it is and there is NOTHING about the government being able to “revoke” your inalienable right to bear arms in fact just the opposite is clearly and unambiguously stated

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Nope nothing nada nix about the state being able to “revoke” your rights. it says shall not be infringed. There really isn’t anything more to say . Oh and there is nothing in there about losing your “right” to bear arms if convicted of a crime either. Come to think of it there isn’t any reason what so ever that allows the government to take away your right to bear arms.

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