Facebook COO Just Misses Asiana Plane Crash in San Francisco — Last Second Switch or Conspiracy?

So far, there hadn’t been too much conspiracy talk about the Boeing 777 that crashed on the San Francisco International Airport runway this afternoon.  Two people are confirmed to have died in the crash, which is tragic, but considering there were almost 300 on board, it is a miracle that it didn’t turn out worse than it did.  For that, we can all be thankful.  The cause of the crash is still unknown for now, but a new detail has arisen that is bound to get conspiracy theorists everywhere buzzing.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was all set to take the Asiana aircraft that eventually crashed.  Her and some family members and colleagues were returning to the United States.  The official story is that Sandberg decided at the last minute to switch their flight to United in order to use some frequent flyer miles she had racked up for her family.  Sandberg posted a status to Facebook about her close call, but already, fingers are being pointed on conspiracy forums.

Could it be coincidence?  Certainly.  First, we should point out that even if these is a conspiracy angle to this seemingly random event, there is no guarantee that Sandberg would have been injured or killed if she had been on the Asiana flight.  As a matter of fact, it seems much more likely that her and her family and friends would have come through the incident unscathed.  Percentages were in their favor.  It would be interesting to know where their seats were, and specifically, where Sheryl Sandberg would have been sitting had she taken the original flight.  This will be next to impossible to find out, but it sure would be telling if one of the two people killed in this tragedy happened to have picked up Sheryl Sandberg’s would-be seat in the closing moments before takeoff.

So, quirky coincidence that makes for a great story?  Or was Sandberg tipped off at the last second that something horrible was about to happen?  There will be plenty of debate about this situation, and we want to hear your ideas.  Here’s the post from Ms. Sandberg:


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  1. Snowden related- China aids Snowden=Asian plane crash=American public distraction= (US Government knows why)= American public finds out why?….waaaaaay later. Sad state of Politics.

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