DMX Arrested for DUI in South Carolina — A Review of Illuminati Harassment

Rapper DMX is the classic music industry story.  He had a meteoric rise to the top of the entertainment world, and now has fallen from grace…so far in fact, that his most recent run-in with the law this morning found him driving a 1978 Plymouth.  Not exactly the kind of bling we think of in rap videos, eh?  In any case, police in Greenville, South Carolina arrested the rapper.  He is no stranger to handcuffs.  His rap sheet is a mile long, and it includes a variety of charges from drugs to animal cruelty.

Does it sound like DMX has some problems?  Yes.  But we thought that in light of this new arrest, we would at least share with our readers some of the public opinion that DMX turned his back on the Illuminati which brought his career to a crashing halt and left them on a bitter grudgefest to destroy him ever since.  The video below analyzes this in detail and explains how the Illuminati will not stop until DMX finds himself going the way of Tupac Shakur.

As a conspiracy site, we must point out that half of the same people that believe in this video probably believe Tupac is alive and in Sweden.  In any case, it’s interesting stuff.  What do you think?  Is it more likely that DMX just can’t stay out of trouble, or that the Illuminati is pulling some major strings to continue to hold him down?