Coup in Egypt Leaves Obama Flustered — Media Ignores His Ties to Muslim Brotherhood

The mainstream media published several articles today about the coup in Egypt that left now former President Mohammed Morsi hoping to get out alive.  Most of the articles illustrated the coup in light of President Obama and the American slant on things.  Most took a passive approach, saying that Obama is being “very careful” or “cautious” about how to approach this turn of events.  On the one side, America supports democracy, and President Morsi was democratically elected.  On the other hand, the will of the people has obviously been done here.

obama-with-muslimsWhat the media ignores, however, is the relationship between President Obama and Morsi, and moreover, the relationship between him and the Muslim Brotherhood.  This time last year, people were outraged by the amount of money that Obama was shipping out to support the Muslim Brotherhood.  Funny…the media doesn’t seem to recall that at all.

Make no mistake, my friends.  Obama supported President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood both politically and financially.  He probably supported them personally as well, as many Americans suspect.  While he and the media will paint a picture of more “evolving” on issues, the truth is, President Obama just watched live one of his political decisions blow up in his face.  He also has to wonder somewhere down below the surface if we will ever see a similar situation in America one day.  Maybe sooner than we think.

The Egyptian military functions differently than the way we have it here in America.  The military actually took Morsi out of office.  In America, the military is just another branch of government.  It would not actively go against it’s commander…at least not thus far in American history.  Perhaps the Egyptian model makes more sense than our own.  The military actually is almost like an intermediary between the people and the government.  It will bring about peace one way or another, siding with one side or the other as it sees fit.  It stops short of authoritarian military rule because they don’t seem to wish to take over the country themselves.  They seem to want a government, but are willing to unplant one if necessary and if enough people feel it is the right thing to do.  Hmm… it is certainly food for thought on this Independence Day in America.  Enjoy the video below to be reminded of just how chummy Barry was with the Muslim Brotherhood, and then sit back and marvel at how the mainstream media will skillfully damage control this right away from him.