Cory Monteith Dead at 31 With No Explanation — Illuminati Strikes Again?

Cory Monteith was just coming into his own as a Hollywood sensation thanks to the remarkable success of the television show Glee.  That all was cut short Saturday, July 13, when he was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada.  Just 31 years old, his body is scheduled for an autopsy, and authorities are giving us a story that is now all too familiar:  no cause of death known but no foul play suspected.

Could Cory, 31, be the Illuminati's latest target?
Could Cory, 31, be the Illuminati’s latest target?

It is worth mentioning that Monteith just completed a substance addiction treatment program (otherwise known as rehab) back in March, so the obvious first thing we will all expect here is that the final verdict will be a drug overdose.  However, we just don’t have enough information at this time to make any kind of judgment on whether the official story seems likely to be the correct one.

For those of you that may be thinking that this has all the warning signs of another Illuminati strike, we can certainly see the logic there.  Another young Hollywood burgeoning star passes away in what is at least initially a somewhat mysterious situation.  There is only one indication we have found that Monteith may have been involved with the Illuminati, and it is the simple fact that he is a follower of @TheIlluminati on Twitter.  Obviously, we don’t believe that this particular Twitter account is genuine, but it does play the part (meaning it doesn’t behave as a prank, it really walks the walk of what you might imagine an Illuminati Twitter account to be like, all with cryptic riddles and prophetic Tweets).  While it hardly indicates that Monteith was a disciple of Enlightenment, he was at least aware of it.  Whether or not that is indication that there is more at work here remains to be seen.  Certainly if we find out later that Monteith was in a bloody bathtub when they found him, that will probably increase our feelings on the matter.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to see what we can dig up on Monteith’s past and his possible connections to the Illuminati until more information becomes available.

Who is that there at the bottom?
Who is that there at the bottom?

17 thoughts on “Cory Monteith Dead at 31 With No Explanation — Illuminati Strikes Again?”

  1. I had never heard of this man until I saw a report of his death on newspaper website today, I have never watched Glee, I don’t watch TV, though I am aware that Glee is associated with homosexuality. So, as a lark I googled his name and “illuminate”. When the auto-fill immediately completed the search term, I knew we have another murder on our hands. I guess he didn’t want to be a good Luciferian and follow orders. God rest his soul, I hoped he managed to save it first.

  2. Could be a sacrifice? I also noticed his girlfriend, Lea Michele has 2 butterfly tattoos (Monarch?).

  3. There is something fishy in his sudden death. I think that they will use the same death cause just like they did for Michael Jackson, which is drug use (BS). As soon as I heard about his death, the illuminati was the first thing I thought of. It’s all suspicious.

  4. The first thing that came to my mind was also that Illuminati might was involved. And I know a lot about it, and then i remembered that 7 and 13 both er numbers of The Illuminati, so are 3 and 11.. but that doesn’t really matter here. Am I the only one who finds it strange that he died 13/7 ??.

  5. @girlonfire, I was thinking the same thing! If she becomes extremely famous and popular (breaking into big movies/having a succesful record) in the months to come…we will have our answer

  6. Also, it has been noted in news stories, that the last time they were seen on the red carpet TOGETHER was at the BUTTERFLY ball. Not sure what the butterfly ball is but it made my “antennas” go way way up. I really hope this is just a coincidence and not a sacrifice. I actually like Lea Michele and would hate to think this was to “further her career.”

  7. She also supposedly has a new cd coming out. Also who knows if it was an actual “rehab” he checked into or more or less an MK Ultra programming center. The Pacific Rim hotel is very strange, and so is the butterfly ball they attended. Also where was Lea when this happened. She has yet to say where she was. And now we know the cause of death is supposedly a strong drug that rhymes with carrying and alcohol mixture. He had to have a lot of a strong drug that rhymes with carrying in his system and it just doesn’t seem fitting to me because unfortunately I know people who are and have been addicted to the drug, I, myself also used to be addicted to percocets which are very similar to a strong drug that rhymes with carrying…my point being, he has stated that he’s struggled with addiction most of his life, so he would know what he can handle and what he can’t. You usually build a tolerance. Also noted is that he had just filmed some movie and the director or whoever stated that he was very energetic and seemed healthy and sober. This was right before his death. Let me tell you something, people on dope are NOT energetic. The exact opposite. It just seems all too weird.

    1. i totally agree with you. and the illuminati just put up all the story. the illuminati said that he is addicted to drug since he is 13 years old ? he has been in the rehab and so. for me he didnt look like a drug addict as, as you pointed he seemed healthy and energetic. The drug addiction was just an excuse. thats all. we are not stupid. the illuminati is manipulating everything and it is so frustrating that they are able to achieve their ends so easily. its revolting. the media never talks about his drugs addiction before. personally i never heard this information before..O.o and the media ALWAYS talks about such personal things on celebrities. and floup! just when he died, everything starts to flow out easily.. just like that. thats so weird.

  8. I knew something was up the moment he died. How could someone so happy just try to take down a strong drug that rhymes with carrying with alcohol? He seemed pretty happy before his death and he looked like he didn’t want to certainly die. I feel sorry for him but at least he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. His death doesn’t add up like many other celeb’s death. It’s sickening many people aren’t aware of this. It breaks my heart that someone innocent had to suffer the consequences. RIP Cory Monteith.

  9. I saw a video on YouTube where Cory is talking about “being in a room full of Canadian Illuminati” At first I wanted to believe he died due to drugs overdose but you cannot overlook clues…especially when Cory himself is talking about the Illuminati. RIP Cory

    1. I watched the YouTube video and the at 2:00 minute mark Cory clearly stated he was in a room with Canadian television Illuminati…I wonder if Cory knew what he was getting himself into and chose to look the other away for the promise of wealth and fame

      1. maybe they killed him because he was about to reveal some secrets things about the illuminati. MJ was murdered for that

  10. I been watching Glee on Netflix, crazy to say but seems like Cory was using the illuminati signal with his hands when they were singing In New York. Also I noticed Finn character was based on Corey ‘s life.. What really caught my attention was when Finn took over the Glee Club there was an episode when Mr Shue came back and Finn was sitting on a chair, he looked dazed, like he had alot on his mind.. Last episode with Finn, he gives Mr Schue a hug. It is so sad he is gone he looked like he had a big heart..

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