Citizens’ Grand Jury Indicts Zimmerman Prosecutor for Falsifying Arrest Warrant

Well, as usual, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to set the record straight on a news story that is purposely being made out to be confusing by several websites and media sources.  Yes, on Tuesday, July 2, a “citizens’ grand jury” handed out an indictment against Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the currently ongoing George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial.  The “complaint” alleges that Corey falsified an arrest warrant for Zimmerman and also withheld photographic evidence of injuries to Zimmerman which led to a real grand jury charging the cop wannabe with murder.

These "indictments" sound bad for Angela Corey, but she won't be getting hauled off to jail anytime soon.
These “indictments” sound bad for Angela Corey, but she won’t be getting hauled off to jail anytime soon.

Yes, we said “real grand jury.”  That’s because no matter how many news sources on the Internet want to make it sound damning, a citizens’ grand jury is not a real grand jury.  It is a group of citizens that have banded together to say “Hey, we think something is wrong here.”  Other examples of well-known citizens’ grand juries were involved in so-called indictments against people surrounding the events of the September 11 terrorist attacks and the farce that was demanding proof of President Barack Obama’s American citizenship.  So, as you can see, whether the citizens’ grand jury is right or not is beside the point; this is not a real indictment, and there is not one forthcoming.

What it does do is throw even more publicity behind this media firestorm and give people one more reason to put more emphasis on a case that at its core is probably not even worth our attention.  Now, it’s getting really ugly.  The prosecution’s case seems to be falling apart by the minute, and that is getting some people really, really uneasy that Zimmerman might walk.  Since his victim was Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, it has resulted in plenty of backlash from the African American community, and there have been threats about all sorts of violent acts if Zimmerman walks.

The threats have been pretty much across the board.  It started with threats on Zimmerman himself, many saying that he’s a dead man if he doesn’t go to prison.  Then, some threaten to riot in general, resembling the infamous 1992 exoneration of the police officers that beat Rodney King and the riots that followed in Los Angeles.  Some have gone as far as to say that they will randomly kill white people, possibly even visible celebrity-type figures.  Even more disturbing are threats against the jury itself just on the premonition that it might free Zimmerman.

Will any of this really happen?  Well, first of all, will Zimmerman walk?  The damning thing for Zimmerman now is that the jury is suddenly in a position where they might perceive a situation where they have to look out for the good of the community as a whole and not just one person.  Meaning, they might feel it’s easier to convict Zimmerman, protect him from those that want to kill him by sending him off to prison, and stop a racially-fueled riot in the process.  Of course, this is not how the justice system is supposed to work.  The jury is supposed to listen to the evidence and make a decision based on whether the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

In any case, America will be watching this case closely, and whatever the outcome, you can bet the conspiracy theories will be flowing.  However, we just wanted to clear up that this citizens’ grand jury, regardless of whether it is based on good information or not, has little clout in the real world.  It will make a splash in the court of public opinion, but little else legally.  So, if you are a Zimmerman supporter, don’t get your hopes up.  And if you’re a Martin supporter, don’t start rioting just yet.