Can’t Stop the Weiner — “Sexter” Rides Again But Should America Forgive?

Anthony Weiner is trying to make it back to the big-time politically with his full-on assault on the New York City mayoral race. We all remember this clown who had to resign from Congress over a massive Twitter scandal that involved him sending all manner of lewd messages with accompanying photos of himself. Well, we all watched him apologize and plead for forgiveness.
And then, he decided to keep doing it.
Now, websites all over are breaking photos and messages from Weiner AFTER the scandal. So, now Weiner held a press conference to try to stop the damage on this one. In what can only be described as surreal, he had his poor wife come along for bonus points and is asking America to forgive him again for what he did after the first time we were supposed to forgive him? Yes, he kept right on “sexting” even after losing his job as a Congressman for the United States of America. Even that just wasn’t enough to stop this Weiner.
So, all we’re asking America here at Common Sense Conspiracy is if it makes any kind of sense to let this guy back into the political scene?
Can you really tell us that this guy has some sort of pedigree that makes him so qualified to manage a city that we should overlook the fact that he can’t manage his cell phone or sexual impulses?
That is all. We leave you with this promo picture for Weiner’s new television series premiering in the fall:

Hey, someone has to fill the void when Dexter goes off the air.