Alicia Keys’ Illuminati Ties — Dear Illuminati: Please Don’t Kill Alicia Keys!

The stage is set.  She is super-successful…she just had her first child recently, and she married a rap producer that everyone, including herself in her own music, agrees is going to turn out not so great.  Her music continues to spread a message of independence and power while apparently she operates under the thumb of an organization we all love to hate.  And don’t forget who discovered her… Clive Davis, who else?  So, we’re begging the Illuminati to listen to us…don’t kill Alicia Keys!

There have been enough sacrifices.  There has been enough mysterious deaths.  So, in a first for Common Sense Conspiracy, we’re asking the Illuminati openly to stop this before it starts.  The world doesn’t need anymore waking up.  Our eyes are wide open.  Stop the madness.  At least she hasn’t started doing paid reviews for garcinia or other weight loss products.

In the meantime… here’s a video that outlines some of Alicia’s clear moments of showing her allegiance to the Illuminati…