You Guessed It! Kim and Kanye’s North West Illuminati Baby Named for “Direction to Hell”

Well, if it wasn’t bad enough that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s child had already been linked to being the antichrist through a complicated series of nonsensical mathematical formulas that resulted with the child’s birth date coming out to “666.”  Now that the name has been revealed as North West, don’t think that the Illuminati hasn’t been implicated in this one as well.

It turns out that North West is the “direction to hell” and there’s plenty of fascinating reasons to see why Kim and Kanye picked this name to back up their child’s surefire ascension to Illuminati superstardom.  The only thing we want to know now is if North West will win the battle with Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Blue Ivy to reign supreme in the new generation of Illuminati henchmen and women.

Anyhow, enjoy this fascinating explanation (and 100% infallible, we might add) of how little North West has the Illuminati pedigree.

2 thoughts on “You Guessed It! Kim and Kanye’s North West Illuminati Baby Named for “Direction to Hell””

  1. North west as in the compass!!think people free masons logo is the compass!!!
    God save that baby

  2. While it is harder for a child to be saved from an upbringing in a satanic household, it still remains the CHOICE of the child whether or not to receive Jesus Christ. It is an individual and personal choice that God gives to EVERYONE He has ever created.

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