Will Chick-Fil-A Live to Tweet Another Day? — Supreme Court Rulings “Sad Day for Our Nation?”

Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A apparently didn’t learn his lesson from the controversial situation he had on his hands last year after speaking out publicly against gay marriage.  He’s at it again, this time unleashing a Tweet that was quickly deleted, but not quick enough.  We were lucky enough to get hold of the actual Tweet so you can see what Cathy had to say about the recent “sad day for our nation.”

130627092238-chick-fil-a-tweet-620xaWell, you gotta give him credit for sticking to his guns, even if his corporation has had enough.  They are trying to get ahead in the damage control game this time, already having released a statement saying that the Tweet was Dan Cathy’s personal beliefs and is not correlated to his company.  Unfortunately, after last year’s debacle, I’m afraid that it’s too late to try to separate yourselves from the man who is still your leader through it all.

So, will we see gay protests and Christians flocking to the restaurant for mediocre sandwiches?  I guess it remains to be seen.  In the meantime, whatever you believe on this issue, one thing is for sure:  Dan Cathy needs to work on getting that foot out of his mouth.