Supreme Court Chickens Out on Affirmative Action — Racism Upheld For Now

It’s absolutely staggering if you think about the case that the Supreme Court of the United States basically passed on this Monday.  It could have been a watershed moment to set something right that has long been distorted by corporate America, the mainstream media, and an equally-corrupt legal system.  Affirmative action was probably the greatest law ever instituted in our nation if you look at it on the face value of good intentions.  But what it created became nothing but reverse-discrimination at best, and the legislation actually caused more of exactly the same things that it was designed to eliminate, albeit on a different race.

Affirmative action made perfect sense and was needed in our country.  There’s no doubt about it.  Minorities, and when we say that, we mean mainly African Americans, were being discriminated against still in our society when it came to employment opportunities, salary levels when they did get employment opportunities, and generally being judged on things other than their qualifications and skills.  It was a problem, and affirmative action set out to fix it.  The only problem was that improper enforcement of the law led to corporate America and lawyers everywhere just distorting it until it was almost unrecognizable.

"Crime Scene, Do Not Cross" Tape At The United States Supreme Court During The January 27, 2007 March On Washington (Washington, DC)
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The law was supposed to make it a level playing field for everyone.  African Americans should have an equal shot and not be judged on race, as well as other things that have gained more play in the years that followed, namely sexual orientation and religious affiliation.  It was supposed to end the concept of quotas.  The idea was that every potential employer should be making hiring decisions based on skills, qualifications, references…well, you know get the picture by now.  Instead, corporate America became deathly afraid of being sued, so they instituted quotas like never before.  These quotas were actually in direct violation of the law, but whether they were embracing the law or simply afraid of lawsuits that now had federal backing, the legislation that was supposed to end discrimination only created a new form of it.  And so, for several years, African Americans actually enjoyed the fruits of discrimination by getting jobs over others based on their race, despite the fact that the law specifically outlawed the practice.  Now, many of them probably deserved their positions.  Not every situation was discrimination, no more than it was before affirmative action.  Not every black person that got passed over for a job in favor of a white person was the victim of out and out racism.  Today, not every white person that gets passed over because of the illegal quota is being picked on their skin color.  But it is happening, and affirmative action has done little more than reverse the scales in the other direction.  And for years, you might could make the argument that it was about time.  Why not let it go the other way for a while?

The Supreme Court heard a case where a white woman said that despite having the same grades and qualifications as black peers, she was declined admittance to a university while other black candidates were accepted.  It is exactly what started the affirmative action campaign in reverse.  The Supreme Court knows the law; they should have spoke up and said that it was wrong.  But here’s the part that no one wants to say.  Common Sense Conspiracy will say it because we believe that truth is important.

When the system was slanted towards white Americans, guess what?  They opposed affirmative action.  They didn’t want the system to change.  It favored them.  It worked.  They were getting what they wanted.  Of course they didn’t want it to change.

Now the system is slanted the other way.  Guess what?  African Americans like affirmative action.  They don’t see it as discrimination, just like white people twenty years ago felt that they had earned those jobs and didn’t understand why their black counterparts were so upset.  Some black people probably think it’s only fair; others simply don’t want to lose the political and economic advantage.  It’s natural to feel that way, whether you are black, white, or whatever.  When things are going your way, you are wont to change them.

The law, however, is supposed to be placidly just.  The law says that discrimination in these instances is illegal.  It doesn’t matter what you ethnicity is and what the ethnicity of the potential employer/institution is.  It is illegal to make choices based on race.  This was a clear cut case, and the Supreme Court knows that.  They didn’t vote to pass on this because they felt it was better decided by a lower court.  They passed on it because they don’t want the backlash of those that would be angry if it were even suggested for one moment that a young white woman was gasp! discriminated against.  Discrimination is reserved for African Americans and homosexuals in America only!

So, our conclusion:  affirmative action is a great thing.  So start enforcing it as what it is supposed to be and not what it has become.