So Much For Checks and Balances — Entire Government to Blame for NSA Transgressions

Close your eyes.  I want you to eliminate all distractions and harken back in your mind to a time in your youth.  A time of Little League Baseball, perhaps.  Skipping stones on the lake.  Chasing that first kiss.  Okay, now remember something that you probably don’t think about much when you are reminiscing.  Social Studies.

That’s right.  Every American citizen that proceeds through the normal educational system in this great nation as part of the curriculum learns some basic information about their nation’s system of government.  Every Social Studies textbook ever addresses two topics at least, even if it doesn’t take the time to address much else.  Branches of government and “checks and balances” are a mainstay in our education, and there is no reason that any American should be unaware of them.  Yet, in our society, how often do you really think about what that means?

Remember these guys?
Remember these guys?

The recent revelations about the National Security Agency thanks to a brave little whistleblower named Edward Snowden are being debated in the mainstream media constantly.  Is he a traitor to the United States of America?  Is he a real, true American hero?  Should he be prosecuted?  Should he be pardoned?  What does this mean?

Copies of George Orwell’s both famous and infamous book 1984 have been flying off the bookshelves this past week.  Whether Americans are refreshing their memory or simply never really took the time to find out what Big Brother was all about in the first place, they are waking up and smelling the coffee of a new reality that is America, and actually, if you want to get down to it, has been a reality for a number of years.  Yet, are we seeing the big picture?  Are we seeing just how nauseating this latest scandal in a year of unprecedented scandals is?

Who do you want to blame?  President Obama?  Sure, he deserves some blame.  Especially for lying ridiculously between his original presidential campaign and now.  We addressed that in yesterday’s article with video evidence.  But Obama has plenty of outs.  After all, it was George W. Bush that came up with all this giving-up-our-freedoms nonsense, right?

Blaming the President for what happened here is like blaming one piece of fried chicken for causing someone to have a heart attack.  This is way more resounding of a revelation than that.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy want to make one thing clear:  never at any moment in American history has there ever been such a complete collapse of our system of government.


And it is continuing to this very moment.

Think about it.  You remember Social Studies, right?  Judicial, executive, legislative.  Checks and balances.  A “foolproof” system designed so that no one member could gain too much power.  However, this proves that the system of checks and balances completely and utterly failed.  Let’s look at it one a time.

  1. Legislative — Couldn’t stop it.  They pass laws, but when a government organization decides that it no longer has to heed such laws, then it might as well be that the laws don’t exist.  Unless, of course, another branch does its job and enforces said laws.
  2. Executive — The President looms large in this one.  Ultimately, this branch is in charge of enforcing our nation’s laws.  Since the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is still in place and has not been repealed, the executive branch of government failed by not enforcing the laws that the legislative branch put on the books.
  3. Judicial — Well, if the other two branches fail miserably, then judicial can’t do much but throw their hands up, right?

So, who is to blame for what happened here?  The government.  One word.  The whole, entire, complete government system of America has failed miserably, and the people, as is so often the case, are the only victims.  Of course, this is supposed to be for our safety, and now these same organizations want to offer up lame stories of how all of this benefited us, the people, and saved lives.  President Obama implores us that we have to just accept that to be safe, we have to give up our trademark American freedoms.  Get over it.  We’re going to keep doing it anyway.

Fourth-Amendment-Abolished-ImageTo accept what has happened at the hands of our government here is nothing short of saying that from this moment forth, the Constitution of the United States of America no longer matters, no longer governs the affairs of anyone, including the government, and in fact, it really as if it never existed at all.

So, we as citizens of the United States can respond by one of two actions.  We can accept this and accept that the building blocks of freedom and liberty have been cast into the fire.  And go on about our daily lives as if nothing happened.  After all, Big Brother does provide many pretty things for us, right?  The other option is the same one.  Nothing is going to change their minds and make them suddenly give the Constitution providence over themselves again.  That has been thrown out the window once and for all.  But we can decide to accept their decision and go along with it ourselves.  What does that mean?

The Constitution has been abolished by the actions of our government.  So, the government that we live under has been abolished as well, because it is by this very document that it exists in the first place.

Think of it like a contract.  They didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, so what happens now?  Legally, the contract is now null and void.

What do you think?  Is this the final straw?  Or just another thing for America to sweep under the rug?

One thought on “So Much For Checks and Balances — Entire Government to Blame for NSA Transgressions”

  1. The ‘final straw’ so to speak happened under Bush; our government will Never be the same. I still haven’t figured out Obama – Manchurian candidate or was he sincere during the first campaign.
    Either way, I cannot see how we can ever turn back to where we were as far as our government, our security, our individual rights as an American used to be. Of course, we could start our own civil war, no one else’s business, and we’d most like have countries lined up to give us supplies.
    This world makes me sick.

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