Snowden Illustrates Sad State of United States of America — Running to Russia?

So, really.  This is where we’re at with it now.  Edward Snowden was charged with all sorts of “crimes” by the U.S. Justice Department who then demanded that Hong Kong extradite him.  Hong Kong, of course, is firmly under the thumb of China, and they were more than happy to give the U.S. the finger on this one.  But it goes farther…not only did they refuse to extradite him back to the United States to face charges, but now they are even helping him achieve “asylum.”

Catedral de San Basilio
Hello Russia…can you protect me from the American government? Pedro J Pacheco via Compfight

It’s simple.  The things that Snowden revealed are illegal by the set of laws we currently are governed by.  No matter how President Obama and his cronies try to spin it, it’s still illegal.  And while we’ve seen a hundred government officials take to the media to tell us how terrible what Snowden did is for the United States, no one has addressed the fact that the government itself is running an illegal operation that directly violates multiple parts of the Constitution.  Put simply, the government no longer acknowledges the Constitution… if it were in a book store, it would be forever stowed away in the fiction section next to Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey.

So, yes, by blowing the whistle on a government agency for clearly breaking the law, he is charged with espionage.  That can actually end up in a death sentence conceivably, although there is little reason to worry about the legal ramifications of the charges, because you don’t have to wear an aluminum foil hat on your head to know that this man will be dead one way or another once he enters U.S. custody.  Fortunately for him, he seemed to know the stakes when he went public and has executed a brilliant plan thus far.  But the United States’ reach is long, and the game is just beginning.  But how poignant is it for United States citizens to think that an American citizen is running to RUSSIA because it is afraid of the government?  And before that, he ran to a China-controlled Hong Kong?  Since then, we’ve heard plenty of “experts” and politicians talk about how terrible it was what Snowden did and what they are going to do to him if they catch him, but no one has even entertained the notion that they might STOP the illegal activities that are still happening right now at this moment.  There’s no remorse from this criminal; no chance of reformation.  They’ve made no effort to tell the American people anything about moving forward in a different direction.  Basically, they’ve said that they do this if they want to and you can suck it if you don’t like it.  Democracy in action.

So Snowden continues to run from the Land of the Free where he committed the atrocious crime of telling the truth about what he saw.  How dare he betray his nation by trying to reveal a government organization gone rogue?