Should the NFL Run Year-Round to Protect the Public from Football Players?

Yeah, we said it.  The NFL is out of hand, and commissioner Roger Goodell has went on and on with his “Mr. Tough Guy” approach, but still, during the offseason especially, NFL players seem to go batshit crazy.

It’s disturbing, really.  We’ve addressed all of the DUI arrests before and the absurdity of multi-millionaires not being able to cop a ride home.  This offseason, they are upping the ante.  Since the Ravens won the Super Bowl, 29 NFL players have been arrested.  29!  That’s almost one from every team.  And they are not learning. You would think in the aftermath of Aaron Hernandez’s ridiculous drama that other NFL players might want to keep it down.  Not so.  Josh Brent got locked up again because one of the conditions of his highly public manslaughter conviction was that he not get high.  Too much to ask.  Back to jail.  Then, you have Ausar Walcott getting pinned with an attempted murder.  Now, Indianapolis Colts’ Joe Lefeged goes on a car chase because he is toting around illegal weapons and ammunition in his car.  Who knows?  Maybe the police actually stopped a murder on that one?  You just cannot tell anymore with these guys.

So, since the NFL can’t control its players, maybe the answer is just to have football all year round?  What do you think?  Should Goodell work out some scheme where we can just have football wire to wire.  The arrests go down dramatically when these guys have something constructive (or destructive rather) to do.  I guess all that animosity has to go somewhere, and during the season, they can let it out on the field.  During the offseason, they have to kill people, get drunk and drive all over creation, or at the very least, get high as a kite.

It’s a rough life having too much money, nothing to do, and no one to oversee you.  That’s the life of an NFL player, and it’s getting out of hand.  What do you think?  What is this mentality that is far too prevalent in the NFL, and what should be done about it?  We want to hear your answers.