Sheep-Eating Plant Blooms in UK After 15 Years

Here’s the deal.  Puya chilensis is a plant that is native to Chile.  They tried to plant one in the United Kingdom.  Fifteen years later, it happened.  The plant is known as the “sheep-eating” plant because it famously captures sheep in its spines and eventually uses the starved dead carcass as fertilizer for itself.  Pretty cool, huh?  Now, after fifteen years of coaxing this thing, it has finally bloomed.  However, it’s not as special as the news headlines might make you think.  These monstrosities are fairly common in Chile.  So common, in fact, that shepherds frequently burn them just to protect their flocks.  This was not the first to be grown in the UK.  Another one bloomed after ten years.

So what’s the conspiracy?  Well, there really isn’t one.  Sometimes we just post popular human interest stories that we think might be interesting or enriching to our readers.  Unless of course you take it from the transplanting plants in areas they were never supposed to be in category?  Hmm… could the sheep-eating plants be poised to take over the European continent and start devouring humans instead?  You just never know.