PRISM Whistleblower Edward Snowden Shows That America Still Has Hope — But Will It Cost Him His Life?

29-year-old Edward Snowden is currently in Hong Kong.  Actually, not a chance.  This kid worked at the CIA, became disenfranchised with the complete neglect for American’s Constitutional rights, and ultimately decided to put his career and quite possibly his life on the line to do something about it.  He’s not in Hong Kong.  We know that and the CIA knows that.  This kid has disappeared.  He’s off the grid.  The interview below that he gave in Hong Kong wouldn’t see the light of day until he was long, long gone.  The kid’s too smart for that.

While politicians all over Washington condemn Snowden and insist that his whistleblowing just caused a possibly unrepairable dent to America’s national security, the American people are standing up and taking notice of this young man’s brave actions.  While they try to paint him as a criminal or traitor to the country, most people with common sense and some remaining respect for what made this nation great in the first place are glad that someone has taken a stand and decided that the things that us conspiracy theorists knew to be true all along are indeed legitimate and happening right in our faces.

In a time when the Big Bad Federal Government seems unstoppable and untouchable, this is truly a moment of President Obama and everyone in power in Washington getting egg on their face.  All the lies, all the calls for action back in Barack’s original presidential campaign, well they don’t mean anything now.  America knows the truth.  It is evident now that we all should have seen it all along, but thanks to the action of one “rogue” CIA agent, we don’t have to wonder.  We don’t have to listen to Democrats insist that President Obama would never stand for something like that.  The cat is out of the bag, and they are going to have a hell of a time putting it back in there.

As for Snowden, this interview below may be the last one he ever gives without the CIA anxiously waiting to trace his every move.  This time he wins out by pure surprise; they simply didn’t believe anyone would have the audacity or guts to out them on something like this.  Well, Snowden did, but now the only question is can he live to tell the tale?  Getting out of the country was obviously a good initial move, but don’t believe for a second that the American government’s power stops at its borders.  Their reach is long, and they have almost infinite resources to pursue Snowden.  They have plenty of other agents just like them that are brainwashed and now believe they are pursuing a traitor to their organization and country.  Like a good Hollywood movie, the game is on and the stakes are high.  We salute Snowden as a true American hero for the times.  He deserves a commendation, but what he will receive is condemnation.  But to those that are paying attention to what is really happening in our country, we know the truth.

So, from here, there are only two possibilities.  If we are lucky, we never hear anything about Edward Snowden again, meaning that he successfully eluded the American government and hopefully lived out his days somewhere out there in the moonlight.  The only other scenario:  another unfortunate lethal “accident” that the government prepares for those that know too much or step outside the boundaries of their contorted view of right and wrong.  Good luck Mr. Snowden, and we hope that it is the former.