President Obama to “Islamicize” America? 100 Million Muslim Immigrants By 2016?

Well, if this doesn’t shed a new light on the immigration debate, we don’t know what will.  If you think worrying about how the government wants to handle 12 million or so illegal (and predominantly Mexican) immigrants is daunting, have you ever thought about the slippery slope?

Everything in the conspiracy world revolves around the slippery slope concept.  Think about it.  It’s not about what is happening now, but it’s about setting that precedent.  If we grant amnesty to one set of illegal immigrants, then what happens next?  Could the floodgates be opening?  And could that be exactly what some people at the top of the American government desire?

This is speculation, people.  But it’s interesting.  What do you think?  What would happen if a mass immigration of Muslims invaded America?  Would you feel threatened?  Would you feel blessed to live in The Land of the Free?  We want to hear your views on this issue that might be a lot more important than anyone ever imagined.

One thought on “President Obama to “Islamicize” America? 100 Million Muslim Immigrants By 2016?”

  1. I think I’ve misjudged this man. I blame the republicans for not giving our country a strong, intelligent and charismatic person to vote for in 2008 or 2012. Yes, I liked Obama. He still has me partly believing because I want to believe in something so badly. All of these stories floating to the top of the pond, like they had 5 year weights on them. It saddens me. I’ll be 50 this year – born the year before JFK’s assassination. I lived through the FUNNY SNL and The Daily Show, Archie Bunker – ya now, when I grew up and find out the joke’s on me and this IS the way the government works. 100 million muslim here in 2016 – see you in another country/or my bunker (can’t tell you where).

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