President Obama a War Criminal? Hypocrite of the Century? Irish Parliament Seems to Think So

Clare Daly of the Irish Parliament took her time to speak to the assembly to express her disgust with the “slobbering” over President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle during a recent visit to Ireland.  She didn’t pull any punches in a scathing five-minute speech in which she even went as far as to refer to President Obama as a “war criminal” and “the hypocrite of the century.”  All with that adorable accent.

Obama in Denver - Yes We Can
Inspiration to many? Chris Coleman via Compfight

Well, there are plenty of Americans that might be inclined to agree with Ms. Daly.  But no matter what you think of Obama, did this go too far?  War criminal?  Hypocrite?  Or did Ms. Daly hit the nail right on the head?