Pregnant Texas Actress Charged With Sending Ricin-Laced Letters to President Obama — Will We See Pregnancy Defense?

Talk about a conspiracy!  A pregnant actress from Texas named Shannon Guess Richardson has been charged with being the person responsible for sending ricin-contaminated letters to both President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  You know why they found her?  Brilliant Secret Service police work?  Nope.  She called them and told them her husband did it.

That’s right.  This actress who apparently has appeared in small bit parts of series like Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead actually called the FBI and said she wanted to implicate her husband in this case.  Or maybe we should say her soon-to-be ex-husband.  The divorce is already in the works, and now the government says that this is a primary part of the motive they have constructed against Miss Richardson before filing formal charges.

It’s a fascinating story, really.  At first glance, you have to say the Shannon must be nuts, right?  Not only to do this, but pregnant on top of that.  However, the real question the government will have to unravel at trial is whether she instigated the whole plot just to blame it on her husband or if she just tried to blame it on her husband when it was really a plot she wanted to succeed on her own account.  The former seems most likely.  After all, if she really was trying to kill the President, she could have just waited this out until they came knocking on her door.  Then, she could have rolled over on her husband.  It sounds like maybe she did this just to get ex in some serious trouble, get him locked away, and then when the it turned out the cops didn’t have a clue who did it, she got impatient and tipped her hand.  It sucks when you’ve taken every precaution to make sure your ex-husband gets hauled off in cuffs by federal agents and then you find out they are nowhere near making a breakthrough in the case.

There's really no significance to why we chose the catwoman photo of Shannon Richardson here.  It just seemed appropriate.
There’s really no significance to why we chose the catwoman photo of Shannon Richardson here. It just seemed appropriate.

So, two more things of note here.  For one, curiously enough, the penalty for this, if she is convicted, is only ten years in prison.  That seems rather lenient for doing something that could potentially kill the President of the United States.  Is that Lee Harvey would get if he merely shot and missed?  Aren’t there people that smoked marijuana at a party one time doing 10-15 in the pen?  Sometimes these year totals on sentences can be fascinating.  The other thing we have to wonder is if Richardson might dare to try to blame her bizarre actions on her pregnancy.  Let’s face it, fellows.  Pregnant women can do and say some crazy things.  And that’s not even with a husband leaving them in the lurch.  Hormones raging out of control, would Miss Richardson have hatched this same elaborate plot if she had not been with child?  Nancy Grace will be all over this one.  The pregnancy defense.  An original.  What do you think?