Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide — Feud With Illuminati Fueling Downward Spiral?

The news that the daughter of Michael Jackson has tried to take her own life is disturbing, but there are a lot of reasons for her to feel the way that she does.  For one thing, she, like her father before her, has lived a strange life from day one.  Despite most people’s perception of Michael Jackson as a father figure, he did work hard to conceal them from the plague of fame that haunted him in his own childhood.  However, with that shielding from the public eye came a situation where Daddy was the absolute center of the universe.  When Michael passed away suddenly, it is quite understandable that Paris had to adjust to a whole new world that she had little or no experience with.  Then, you throw in the controversial trial of her father’s doctor, the constant media attention and speculation, a highly public funeral, and the ordinary ups and downs of being an American teenager.  It can be quite a load.  Recently, she had to dredge up all the old feelings again by testifying about her father’s death over one of many lawsuits that is still raging from the incident and related circumstances, like the concert comeback tour that Jackson had been about to embark on before his death.

The good news is that Paris is all right.  Family members confirmed that she did indeed make a suicide attempt (there is no information as to how or why at this point), but she is okay and receiving appropriate medical attention.  That’s good.  The girl deserves a chance to live a halfway normal life.  But, we know that there are a lot of people out there that have long wondered about Michael Jackson and his Illuminati connections and how that might affect his children.  Well, not only was Paris Jackson aware of the Illuminati, but she Tweeted about it at length.  She even drew symbols and made declarations about “secret societies.”  After the Tweets blew up viral, she had to take to Twitter again to try to explain that they “didn’t get her” but she was just commenting on the whole situation.

The average young person in America probably doesn’t even know what the Illuminati is.  For Paris, it’s just another life lesson learned, and we sincerely hope that this incident is not related to her public offerings about them.  Could the suicide attempt be an excuse to cover up another Illuminati murder attempt instead?  We’ll have to wait for more information, but as you can see below, we can confirm that Paris Jackson was at least aware of the Illuminati and made a very public jab at them, no doubt to their chagrin.  What do you think?  Is the Illuminati knocking or is Paris just suffering from a terrible adolescence?




2 thoughts on “Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide — Feud With Illuminati Fueling Downward Spiral?”

  1. Theyre everywhere tv,movies,hip hop music i didnt realize it until 2011 when i looked up Tupac Shakur and tje Illuminati. It’s scary if you don’t know about it

  2. Totally ignorant on the subject of the Illuminati and like it that way.
    As for the Jackson kids, after all Michael did to keep those kids out of the media, I’d guess he’s flipping in his grave over what his parents are doing – greedy SOBs. Any kind of mental breakdown in these 3 kids can be directly attributed to the pressure – just like their father suffered.

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