Overlooking the Obvious? Is Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Still Paid Because He is Still Working?

In a recent article, we outlined the frustrations of the public with the revelations that the Fort Hood shooting suspect, Major Nidal Hasan, was still receiving his pay from the military and had in fact collected some $280,000 since his massacre in 2009.  This came on the heels of more reports that made everyone feel real happy when Nidal decided he would represent himself, a move that was approved by the judge in the case.  This was controversial because it means that this “terrorist” will now get to question people he reportedly “terrorized” directly because he is his own lawyer.  It’s not hard to see how that will be an uncomfortable situation for the witnesses involved, but the judge gave him the green light and he now has the floor to present his case, whatever it may be.

Laughing all the way to the bank?
Laughing all the way to the bank?

Our initial diagnosis of him still being compensated despite being accused of such a heinous crime focused on how this would not fly in the private sector and how this was another example of the lack of simple common sense in government.  And then we had a moment of clarity, one of those times when you go “Oh, oh…wait a minute!”

You heard it at Common Sense Conspiracy first.  We have now started to warm up to a new theory about Nidal Hasan.  Perhaps he is still being paid because he is still working.

What?  Yeah, that’s what we said too.  But think about it.  What if Nidal Hasan was only following orders when he opened fire on unsuspecting and unarmed soldiers in 2009?  What if part of the deal was that he would continue to be paid?  After all, if he was commissioned under orders from the United States government to commit a false-flag operation, why not keep getting your salary?

Now, he gets to represent himself in court.  This opens up the ability not only to have a reign of terror over his victims and their families, but also to present what would normally be a nonsensical argument that will have to be taken seriously.  And taken seriously in what will be a highly-publicized event?

Nidal gets to outline why he decided to open fire on American soldiers — supposedly to stop them from being able to kill his Muslim brethren in Afghanistan when they were soon to be deployed.

It doesn’t have a prayer of working.  He will be sentenced to prison…not executed.  How do we know?  Wait and see.  If all this was a put-up job, then doesn’t it make sense that he would get to do all of this with no threat of losing his own life?  No threat of losing his benefits or salary?

What do you think?  Was the Fort Hood shootings a carefully-planned government operation?  Is Nidal Hasan on the payroll because he still works for the powers-that-be?  Or is this just another example of government gone awry?