“Nobody is Listening to Your Telephone Calls” — No Kidding, Barack! Just the Computers

It’s funny when something like the Verizon revelations happen.  See, in conspiracy circles, this is about as old news as you can get.  Ever since the Patriot Act hit the books in the post-9/11 apocalypse of personal freedom and privacy, conspiracy theorists have figured that the National Security Agency and its federal counterparts were probably listening and recording near about everything they could get their hands on.  Still, when it turns out that you were right all along and now it’s in your face fact that they were doing so, it’s almost no fun anymore.

images-102Part of the thrill for conspiracy theorists is knowing the truth, knowing something that the other sheep don’t.  Now, with this Verizon report revealing that, yeah, they really were recording every damn thing, there should be exhilaration, but I think for most of us that knew this all along, having it become a matter of public record is almost more frightening than it being a clandestine secret.

For seven years at least, intelligence agencies have been collecting data on every telephone call in the United States.  They do this through telephone companies who have no choice but to oblige.  Verizon was the one that came out, but it is not just about them.  They were just the unlucky company to find their name in an unfortunate limelight.  In reality, all of the carriers are just as involved, although one can hardly blame them.  Warrants and orders from the U.S. Justice Department are kind of hard to ignore or rally against, especially when everyone knows you will be miserably ruined and buried by the government if you try to nobly fight it in open court.  They also look at online activities.  No one should be surprised, and yet there are those silly people out there that trusted the government.  They still do after this report came out.  They believe in the system.  They believe that if they have to give up their phone conversations being private to stop big bad terrorists everywhere, then so be it.  The government, as always, is looking out for their best interests.

images-101President Obama went on the defensive Friday, imploring the American people not to be shocked or dismayed by the revelations coming forth about what the American Civil Liberties Union has termed as “beyond Orwellian.”

“Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,” says Barack in his usual smug but a little shaken up tone.  He’s right.  Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.  They don’t have the manpower for that.  That’s why they record every one of them and use computers to isolate which one of millions of calls that they will listen to.  But don’t worry…they only listen if they have a reason to think that the call is related to terrorism.  The only problem with that is so far, they have had no luck deciphering exactly what that means.  Sure, they only listen to phone calls if you start saying things like “snakes on a plane” or “nuke-in-a-box.”  How many terrorists are really out there discussing their plans by cell phone?  Because they trust the government?  That doesn’t even make sense.

First, they are so smart we have to fight them with every bit of technology we have.  Then, they do stupid things, like not have a car after they bomb the Boston Marathon.  Suddenly we’re to believe they are dumb enough to use phones to talk about it when even mildly paranoid conspiracy theorists have known better than that for years.  Even drug dealers know better than to talk on phones because it is so easy to listen.  Burners, anyone?

If you don’t believe in the New World Order and the fact that the two political parties in the United States are really one and the same, this should be the event that shakes your faith.  A Republican President by the name of George W. Bush oversaw the beginning of this type of Big Brother-esque mass surveillance.  But when Democratic President Barack Obama took over, did it change?  No.  As a matter of fact, there is every reason to believe that it has gotten worse.

You see, it’s not a George Bush thing.  It’s not an Obama thing.  It’s quite possible that either of these two men in quiet moments sitting on the toilet don’t really like what they are being forced to oversee.  But this train has been rolling for years, and once it was set in motion, nothing is going to get in the way of it blazing down the tracks.  It doesn’t matter what Bush, Obama, or you or I think.  This is the agenda, and the agenda waits for no one.

It’s nice to have confirmation.  But no one that frequents this site should be surprised.