Nelson Mandela — 33rd Degree Freemason?

As the world watches Nelson Mandela regain a little strength, despite still being hospitalized, a lot of our loyal readers are asking questions about Mandela and his possible ties to things like the New World Order, Illuminati, and, of course, the Freemasons.  There is a wealth of circumstantial information about this, and we will probably be delving into Mandela’s past accomplishments and the backdrop on which he did what he did over the coming days and weeks.  For now, we start out with a video that supposedly reveals Mandela as a 33rd degree Freemason.  What do you think?  Was Mandela plugged in?  Or is he a real maverick?

9 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela — 33rd Degree Freemason?”

    1. How is this BS? Because it doesn’t fit in what you were originally taught? What about Martin Luther King? It’s absolutely fact that he was tied to over 60 communist organizations! That was discovered by Robert Kennedy. F*ck both of these guys or just saw to stir up trouble. And help create a new world order.

  1. Whats wrong with being illuminati? its just a choice we make in life if you choose to be antichrist its still ok why make a big deal about nothing. if he is in any way antichrist I thank God he is cause South african is now a free coutry all beacuse of Dr Nelson Mandela.

  2. There was no evidence, just allegations. Those of you who think you are Christians should read what the Bible says about slander.

  3. JESUS IS THE KING OF ALL KINGS TO Him be all the Glory and honour.
    He is to judge the world according to their works, in secret even in public. But his grace is sufficient to save you. Make a choice to follow him Today.

  4. We are all reptoids. Ask ubab’ uCredo, he will tell you. We are part of the system in the retilian circle.

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