Mount Fuji Awakens — Eruption Imminent? What Would a Fuji Eruption Mean for Japan and the World?

Scientists in Japan are warning that the iconic volcano now has a higher pressure inside than its last eruption. An eruption of this sleeping giant is one of those natural disasters that those in the know realize will be major world events while the average citizen of the world doesn’t even realize it’s a real threat. That’s why we decided to recommend this video. While it was published a few months back, it explains in detail exactly what a Fuji eruption would mean both locally and worldwide. If this happens in this year, it would be a huge natural disaster and a story of the year. Japan might be landlocked with jets unable to take off or land for as long as a month. Can you imagine the toll this would take on the world economy, between the gridlock, cleanup, and medical costs? It’s amazing how many major disasters are out there waiting for the world that almost no one is talking about. How many people talked about monster tsunamis before the two devastations that happened in Indonesia and Japan? Now, every time there is a small tremor in Hawaii, the world waits with bated breath on tsunami watch. Fuji is one to watch, and a lot of experts out there think that we’re in for the fireworks show of a lifetime soon.