Lil Wayne Tramples American Flag While Filming New Video — Accident, Disrespect, or Out of Context?

We know what you are thinking.  Surely an upstanding young man like Lil Wayne wouldn’t be doing something disrespectful to the American flag?  Especially when filming a video for his new rap song “God Bless Amerika.”  But a now viral video has surfaced on the Internet of what many say is just that, and we have it here for your viewing pleasure.

9/11 American Flag
Land of the Brave…like Lil Wayne? V Malazarte via Compfight

What we like about this is we are getting to see an uncut look behind the scenes as a Lil Wayne video is being filmed.  Of course, this is probably being shot on a smartphone by someone who is not a professional, which means that this is as raw as it gets.  What makes that particularly special is that the event in question may have never made it into the final draft of the video that is released to the public, so this public relations nightmare for Lil Wayne may have never existed if someone hadn’t pulled out their phone and captured it digitally.  And in this day and age, once something gets on the Internet, it becomes next to impossible to shut it down.  This video may disappear from the YouTube link below in a few days, but it will resurface somewhere else.

The debate is raging about this.  Some people say it is an accident that the flag was dropped and that Lil Wayne soldiers through his parts with no idea the flag has fallen and he is trampling on it.  There is, of course, the theory that he is outright disrespecting and desecrating the nation’s symbol, one that many associate with our military, freedom, and liberty.  The last theory is the one being put forth by Lil Wayne himself.  He says that what you see is authentic in that it is happening, but he insists that it was not to disrespect the flag or anything like that.  In the final version of the video, the flag was going to be part of a special effects-laden sequence in which the flag falls to reveal “hoods” of America underneath the flag.  Well, that clears things up, doesn’t it?

What do you think?  Did Lil Wayne have any ill will on this one?  Or is this just another case of public opinion being formed without all the facts?  We want to hear your opinions.

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