Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to the Antichrist? Early Birth Due to “666” Correlation?

Well, we had a few serious articles about the state of the union and the upcoming World War 3 machine in Syria.  Now, we have to get back to what we do best…educating people about conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

In case you live on a deserted island with a volleyball friend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their first child into the world on June 15, 2013.  The news came down the wire in the form of a Twitter explosion, but there’s one problem:  apparently the birth was quite early.  Now, red flag #1 in this story is that no one actually knows about the due date, but the word on the street from Twitter and other sources is that comments have indicated that Kim gave birth weeks ahead of the date she was supposed to.  So, what does this mean?

"No, sweetie.  It has to be today, or the devil will not come down and christen our child the Antichrist.  Weren't you listening in our Illuminati Outreach Class?"
“No, sweetie. It has to be today, or the devil will not come down and christen our child the Antichrist. Weren’t you listening in our Illuminati Outreach Class?”

Well, the Internet exploded and came up with some of the most outlandish theories we’ve seen yet.  Some have some logic to them.  It has been suggested that Kim might have simply exaggerated her due date because she didn’t want her family and friends (and the rest of the free world, for that matter) to know just how fast Kanye planted her seed in her.  You know, one of those lies that kind of doesn’t have a chance if the baby comes early because everyone kinda sees what’s up.  We certainly can’t corroborate this theory with any factual data, but it certainly sounds like something that someone like Kim Kardashian might do.  However, the conspiracy theories don’t stop there.  The biggest one is the one we want to address.

It has been suggested that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were desperate to have their child on June 15, 2013.  That’s 6/15/2013 in numeric form.  Apparently, this number has somehow been worked out to equal 666 by a complicated equation that has no realistic concept behind it except that someone worked really hard to make those numbers work out.  If you include enough mathematical operations, I’d be willing to be that you could have taken 6/14/2013 and 6/16/2013 and made 666 out of it too.  But as the theory goes, if you perform this silly equation with the numbers:

6                   (1+5)=6            2+0+1+3=6      6/15/2013 = 666

If you didn’t burst out laughing at this ridiculous creation, then maybe you need to see someone for professional help.  Nonetheless, this theory is making the rounds, and apparently, some people believe that Kim and Kanye were so adamant about making this magical number come into play that they were willing to induce labor just to make sure that their child’s antichrist pedigree with the Illuminati remained intact.

Ever since Kanye and Kim announced they were having a baby, the battle lines between this child and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Blue Ivy have been drawn.  Is there a battle for the next Illuminati super-princess?  Maybe.  But in any case, is that child likely to be the antichrist?  Well, as likely as anyone else, I suppose.  But it’s certainly not because the silly numbers in the date somehow add up to 666, a number that archaeology has actually revealed is probably not even the same number that the Bible originally referred to when giving this ominous prediction that would brand a certain number for centuries with some people refusing to even write a check for the amount or let their subtotal add up to it.

What do you think?  Is the Illuminati now forcing premature births?  Or could it be that Kim just fudged the facts a little bit and now is caught in a lie?  But with a pretty little Illuminati-blessed child in their arms, who is going to call them out for a little mistruth, right?


6 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to the Antichrist? Early Birth Due to “666” Correlation?”

  1. YES — their baby represents everything antichrist. Just look at the parents, their sham of a relationship (with the well-known fact that Kanye is gay). Money, lies, Illuminati.

  2. ^^^
    And most of all, don’t forget Kanye’s blatent Satanism, and “YEEZUS” mockery.

  3. One parent is famous for having a sex tape. The other is famous for talking over other people’s music. Basically, these two people are famous for no good reason. It’s no conspiracy. They are evil.

  4. this is b.s. I was born 6/6/60 . on 6/6/66 i was 6 get over yourselves, why didn’t you just look at the millons of people born june 6th.

  5. How many of them have sold there sole to be famous though these two have had to made some kind of deal with the devil cause there’s no way Kim is famous on here own steam

  6. Blue Ivy’s will have a baby. North West will have a baby. Then their babies will give birth to the anti christ.

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