John Lennon Auditions for “The Voice” — Turned Away

It’s all shits and giggles.  We get that.  But this new video from Funny or Die actually touches on some real issues that bear discussion.  The video sports John Lennon playing his classic song “Imagine” as a tryout for The Voice television show which is like American Idol but not really.  The judges reject him with the same cliche silly criticisms that they use on the show day in and day out.  Ultimately, Lennon is not picked for a team, despite being heralded as a “talented dude.”

So, what’s the real message?  It is funny and silly.  But there’s some truth to it.  Shows like this endanger true artistry.  A lot of classic acts would have never had a chance at making an audition on one of these shows.  But it’s not always about flash and pure singing talent.  Perhaps Lennon is not the greatest pure singer of all time (a relative certainty), but his artistry far outshines any artist that any of these talent competitions has “discovered.”  And in the case of The Voice, none of the winners of the show that is now juiced like an orange for two seasons a year before it runs out of steam have achieved any success at all.  Yet people love these shows.  How many of the people that rally behind one of these “talents” on these shows peruse real artists at real crafts out there trying to forage out a living creating their art for us to enjoy?

Is the talent show killing the radio star?  It’s just entertainment, but this video actually portrays something that is broken about the way of thinking that is permeating America.