Jasper, Texas Police Don’t Play — Beatdown Over $100 Fine

Police officers have tough jobs.  They often deal with situations where the subjects they are attempting to exact an arrest upon or very agitated and combative.  However, if you choose this as a career option for yourself, you have to accept that this is part of your job and you will have to deal with it in a calm and efficient manner.

In Jasper, Texas, this video that has, unfortunately for the department and officers involved, leaked out to the public depicts two white officers giving a black female subject a heck of a wake-up call.  Further investigation reveals that the woman was arrested for an unpaid fine totaling $100.  Apparently, the two officers decided to try to collect on the fine in blood.

One thing that is striking about this is the stupidity of the police officers.  For one thing, wouldn’t it have been better all around if a female officer was dealing with the lady here?  Or if at least one was present for the beatdown?  If that really wasn’t possible, one would think that in our society, these two white cops would know that exacting this kind of justice on this lady would of course be labelled as a racially-motivated hate crime.  Is that true?  Well, we can’t say for sure.  Maybe these guys routinely beat down white people like this as well.  Assuming that is not the case, you can definitely see the possibility for the racial argument.  Why would they do something like this knowing they were being filmed?

That’s an easy one.  The video was never supposed to be public.  As you can see from this video, it was recorded with a device (probably a cell phone) by someone that obviously had access to the video.  You can rest assured that someone is very angry that this video is now on YouTube.

While the reaction of the officers definitely seems out of line, we still would like to point out that the lady does deserve some responsibility.  If she had complied with the officer at the beginning, it’s possible that perhaps she wouldn’t have endured a beatdown of this intensity.  But without audio, we can’t really accurately judge who was out of line at the beginning of the altercation.  It is probably no coincidence that audio is not featured as part of this security system.

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  1. Freaking Jasper, Tx. You would think that what happened with James Byrd this place would of cleaned up their act, but old habits die hard.

    The lady in this video has one hell of a lawsuit and I hope she bankrupts that little redneck town.

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