Is President Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

Before we dive into this topic, let’s first take a moment to say that the movie and novel entitled The Manchurian Candidate involves one that is brainwashed to commit an assassination when a certain codeword is spoken to “activate” him.  So, naturally, many of you may read the title above and wonder who we think that President Obama is supposed to assassinate.  Well, the answer would either be “Wait a minute, that’s not what we mean!” or “America as we know it.”  Whichever answer you want to go with, bear in mind that the plot of that movie is the reason that most people know what this concept is all about, but that is just one possible manifestation of it.

In a more general sense, a Manchurian candidate is someone who wins the affections of a certain affiliation, in this case politically, by walking the walk and talking the talk.  Basically, they operate in a guise that fits a certain party and ultimately gets them into a position of power.  But when they ascend to the throne, so to speak, they are pushing an entirely different agenda.  This is more the “Manchurian Candidate” we mean in our title question.

Think about it.  President Obama ran his campaign in 2008 on a platform of change and reform.  Since he was running alongside the Democratic Party, he was representing what America recognizes as the “more liberal” political party.  So, he came across a lot like he was standing up for freedom and liberty.  It was an appropriate message for the time to try to sway undecided voters while firing up his own political base to bring on a full-on assault on his challenger and the outgoing President that, fortunately for Obama, made the setup too easy.  Now, almost all Presidents get caught up in some lies from their original campaign to their actual record during Presidency, but you have to admit the following video catches President Obama in one of the worst ones we will have on record in our nation’s history.  Take a second to watch this poignant moment from his 2008 campaign and what he said just a couple of days in light of revelations about NSA wiretapping having crossed Constitutional lines.

We have looked at President Obama’s political record plenty of times around here at Common Sense Conspiracy, and we have pointed out that President Obama, with the exception of super-controversial ObamaCare, has done little more than follow in the footsteps of his unpopular predecessor.  Almost all of George W. Bush’s policies stayed perfectly in place, the wars continue right on going through Obama’s entire first term, and now we find out that invasions on Americans’ privacy only escalated.  This Democrat ran on a platform of change and reform, and yet he seems to have actually operated, in practice, exactly as the Republican President that sat in the office before him.  Now, some might argue that he had no choice, but four years later?  Yes, the bottom line is President Obama talked a good game, and that’s what bought him a White House ticket, but he hasn’t walked the walk at all.  Now, every Democrat in America will stand up belligerently proclaiming that he would have, if only it were not for the pesky Republicans?  Well, every President has to deal with that, and some of the policies don’t even operate with Congressional oversight.  NSA, anyone?  The wiretapping violations that have come to light have nothing to do with what political party controls Congress or the White House.  That’s kind of the point.  It doesn’t matter.  The NSA, the CIA, and other organizations we don’t even have acronyms for, they do what they want to do.  The current scandal makes that irrevocably clear; there is Obama’s White House, and then there are these organizations that operate outside of things that we thought as Americans mattered.  Like the Constitution, or even the simple rule of law.  It’s every man for himself out there, it seems, and political affiliations don’t matter.  The way the NSA has conducted itself spotlights what we at Common Sense Conspiracy have been saying since day one:  the two-party political system in the United States of America is really a one-party one.

So, how does this relate to Obama being a Manchurian Candidate?  Well, the clincher here is another question.  Did Obama know how it was going to go when he was making all of these bold statements in 2008?  If he did, then he is a true Manchurian Candidate, saying whatever is necessary to gain support all the while knowing that he is going to push an entirely different agenda.  If he honestly thought he was going to change those things, and then got a very grave speech when he actually took office, then he was not a Manchurian Candidate, but just another President of the United States with good intentions that took office only to find that they were merely a pawn in a much bigger game.  And we all know what pawns are for.

What do you think?  Did President Obama play the game?  Is being the first black President enough of a legacy, even if he did nothing but pull off a carbon copy of the most unpopular presidency of all time before him?  Did he mean well and the corrupted political system chewed him up and spat him out?  We want to hear what you think.

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  1. I think Obama is just a “pawn” doing what the Illuminati wants him to do..pushing their agenda!

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