Is Google a Created Tool for the NSA? Big Brother?

Few inventions have infiltrated every part of life like Google. From Google Earth to software to the most successful Internet search engine in existence, Google is the biggest brand in the Internet industry. Part of the success of this giant is the remarkably accurate performance of many of its products. Could Google actually be a government-sponsored tool? Is Google the beginning of Big Brother?
The video reveals some declassified documents that indicate that this could indeed be true. It’s certainly something to think about. Historically, people resist Big Brother-type technology, but the real ingenuity of Google is that Americans have embraced it and welcomed it into their homes, cars, and pockets. There is no better conspiracy than one that causes those being conspired against to embrace the conspirators. What do you think? And does this affect the way you feel or use Google?

One thought on “Is Google a Created Tool for the NSA? Big Brother?”

  1. what a dull video. Says nothing; means nothing; this is just some nutcase. He keeps saying “Anyways….” which is not even a word. I think most people already know that google is a search engine and that whatever you do on the internet is documented forever in some computer brain. What else is new?

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