Is Cancer Natural? Evolution of Cells Fighting to Survive in Overly Toxic Environment?

This video has an interesting slant on cancer. You have probably heard the theories about alkaline versus acidic environments. Some people put a lot of credibility into such things, while others say it is “junk science.” This video obviously buys into that logic, but it goes a step farther, indicating that cancer is a natural evolutionary reaction at the cellular level. It has kind of a good old Jurassic Park-ish “life will find a way” concept to it. In this theory, cells are fighting to survive on the molecular level just as everything in nature is. Responding to a toxic environment, they adapt. Simple concept of evolution, and yet many people that dismiss this sort of thing as “junk science” would happily jump to indicate their support of general theories of evolution. Can you have your cake and eat it too?

One thought on “Is Cancer Natural? Evolution of Cells Fighting to Survive in Overly Toxic Environment?”

  1. Hmmm.
    It’s an “interesting” hypothesis but there’s one huge flaw (and lots of others…). Cancer has been around since time immemorial, it’s not a “modern” thing.
    Also blood is the transport to take toxins out of the body. That’s what it does as well as providing the transport for nutrients. It’s always done that.
    As for the acid/alkaline hypothesis…that’s not junk science, just junk. Homeostasis means that the body is kept in a very tight pH range. It needs to be a constant range for the body’s cells to function properly. Guess what? Cancer cells need exactly the same pH levels as every other cell in the body. If you somehow alter the body’s (blood’s) pH levels (the only way to do this is by adding an acid or base intravenously, please don’t do that) the change in pH will affect EVERY cell in your body, normal and cancer. The whole acid thing arose when it was discovered that cancer cells produce acid due to their altered metabolism. They don’t metabolise because it’s acidic.
    This video shows a complete lack of understanding of even the most basic tenets and facts of human physiology.
    Total woo I’m afraid.
    It may seem interesting for some but certainly not for me, sorry.

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