Illuminati Gay Agenda All Over Hip Hop Music? Jay-Z Gay?

Okay, let’s start with an explanation here.  This video below we posted for our readers to check out if they are interested in some of rampant theories that the Illuminati has a homosexual agenda that it promotes in the hip hop community.  The theories about this are so many that we chose this video because it covers so much ground in a fairly short period.  Jay-Z has a whole theory dedicated just to him about this, but this video addresses many other popular rap artists.  She even breaks down the concept that sagging pants is symbolistic for prison life and gay sex during incarceration.

First of all, this is a little far out there, and this is one of those that we find mildly entertaining for multiple reasons.  We will point out that the video’s narrator is obviously of the Christian faith and makes no bones about being totally against homosexuality in general.  We didn’t post this video to concur with some of her statements, but only to entertain our readers with some interesting conspiracy theories that you may or may not have heard about, and to also bask in the glory of watching her torch an entire demographic of people with talk of hellfire.  But we do want you to know that if you can’t watch someone express their points of views against homosexuality, you will probably be offended by it.

Bottom line:  if you get really upset about this, turn elsewhere.  If you can take what you read with a grain of salt and want to hear some interesting theories about gay rap stars, then by all means, enjoy yourself.

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